International Women’s Day: Surprise The Women In Your Life With These Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas

by Shreya Rathod
International Women’s Day: Surprise The Women In Your Life With These Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas

It’s March! And we are celebrating Women’s Day! If you take a close look at life, you will realise that women play an important role, whether it is being a mother, sister, daughter, wife or friend. And this time, celebrate the awesomeness of these women by surprising them with breakfast-in-bed ideas! Here are ten easy dishes that you can make this Women’s Day.

10 Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas For Women’s Day

1. Pancakes

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Pancake is a universal dish that is simple to make. And you can make it the way you want. For example, you can add oats or almond flour instead of all-purpose flour, or skip adding eggs. You can make pancakes with oats, blueberries, chocolate chips, etc. And don’t forget the add-ons!

2. Egg Dishes

egg dishes
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If you are a newbie to cooking, then there is nothing easier than making eggs! You can try making different egg dishes like scrambled eggs, omelettes, sunny side up, etc. And serve it with toasted bread, cheese and lots of butter!

3. Sandwiches

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The one thing that we all have loved and enjoyed is sandwiches! It is one of the most versatile and customisable dishes. You can add chicken, eggs, veggies, and more. And you can try toasting, grilling and making a big, cheesy sandwich.

4. Waffles

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Just like pancakes, you can try making waffles and pairing them with different toppings. From buckwheat to all-purpose flour, you can choose anything. Moreover, if you are a fan of whipped cream, go ahead and add it to the waffles.

5. Dosa

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Dosa is one of the easiest Indian dishes to make. If you get the batter right, making these Indian crepes will be child’s play. Pair them with coconut chutney, podi, and other side dishes. You can also add veggies to the batter and turn it into uttapam!

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6. Paratha

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This classic recipe of paratha is a heartwarming dish to make on Women’s Day. You can add aloo, paneer, cheese, carrot, etc., with lots of butter and ghee. Moreover, you can pair these lip-smacking carbs with cool a yogurt dip or some pickles.

7. Smoothie Bowls

smoothie bowls breakfast-in bed ideas
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Nothing is more wholesome, fulfilling and sweet than a bowl of smoothie. A perfect bowl of vibrant smoothies topped with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and nut butter is perfect for rookie cooks. You can make it more healthy by adding baby spinach and frozen zucchini.

8. Khaman Dhokla

khaman dhokla breakfast-in bed ideas
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The khaman dhokla is a Gujarati delicacy that everyone loves. And it is easy-peasy to make too! All you have to do is make the batter, add it to the container and steam it for ten to fifteen minutes. Serve this spongy goodness with spicy mint chutney.

9. Aloo Puri

aloo puri breakfast-in bed ideas
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If you like having a heavy breakfast, try making Aloo Puri. A spicy tomato-based aloo gravy with a deep-fried puri is a filling breakfast dish. This dish is relished in the Northern part of India. But the Maharashtrian version of aloo puri includes a yellow sabzi made with boiled potatoes with puris.

10. Cutlets

cutlets breakfast-in bed ideas
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This mixture of boiled potatoes and veggies coated with breadcrumbs is an essential dish. You can make a non-vegetarian version by mixing minced chicken meat with spices and shallow frying them. There are more than fifty cutlet recipes that you can make.

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So, wear your chef’s hat and whip up a delicious spread of breakfast for the wonderful women in your life.

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