Internet Explorer Gravestone Is Going Viral In South Korea After Microsoft Dissolves The Browser

by Deeplata Garde
Internet Explorer Gravestone Is Going Viral In South Korea After Microsoft Dissolves The Browser

Microsoft Corp. came to a final decision to bring down its Internet Explorer web browser. This action signified the end of a quarter-century love-hate relationship with the tech for Jung Ki-young, a South Korean software developer. He spent around a month and 430,000 won ($330) creating and commissioning a gravestone with Explorer’s e logo and the English epitaph.

The Reason To Bring Down The Internet Explorer

He termed Internet Explorer a good tool to download other browsers. To mourn its demise a photo of the tombstone went viral after it was shown at a cafe owned by his brother in Gyeongju, South Korea. After a 27-year run, Microsoft ended maintenance for the once-omnipresent Internet Explorer on Wednesday. It now focuses on its new and more efficient browser, titled Microsoft Edge.

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The older software marked a milestone in Jung’s career. But he decided to take a fair test before bringing up the viral prank. He tested many things on his browser and other competitive browsers to understand the speed difference.

This browser has been the default search engine in South Korean government offices and many banks. Hence he received requests to make people’s websites look desirable on Internet Explorers.

Journey Of The Oldest Browser

Explorer became the world’s most popular browser for more than a decade. They launched the browser in 1995 and packaged it with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It was pre-installed on gazillions of computers before.

But the scenario changed in 2000s as it lost its relevance to Google’s Chrome. Its slow processing system became the target of numerous internet jokes. Eventually, it turned up with many developers arguing it was slow compared to its competitors.

Jung was hardly aware of how his little prank would catch fire in secs after uploading it online.

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