Internet Hack Went Wrong! Woman Burns Her Face While Poaching An Egg In Microwave

by Shreya Rathod
Internet Hack Went Wrong! Woman Burns Her Face While Poaching An Egg In Microwave

While scrolling through the Internet, we often come across several hacks related to money management, wardrobe or cooking. Some of them are really useful and make our lives easy. But, there are tons of hacks that can go wrong or are simply useless. In fact, they can be extremely fatal to us! Recently, a woman burns her face while trying to poach an egg in the microwave.

Woman Burns Her Face While Poaching An Egg In The Microwave!

A woman named Shafia Bashir, age 37 years, suffered injuries while trying an Internet hack. According to the tweet posted by Random, a user, she was trying to poach an egg in a microwave using a hack she found online.

The recipe called for boiling water to be placed into a mug, one egg to be added, and then to microwave it for a few minutes. All of this went smoothly, but when she put a chilly spoon into the mug to eat the egg, it “erupted like a fountain” and burned her right cheek. She was taken urgently to the emergency ward of a nearby hospital because the burns had been stinging for about 12 hours. She has promised never to eat eggs again, calling it the most agonising ache of her life.

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The Video Was Trending On TikTok

poached egg microwave
Credits: Random/ Twitter

According to a report by The Independent, the moment was terrifying as she was in agony. She further stated that the video is trending on TikTok and she doesn’t want anyone going through the same thing she faced. Though her face is healed with no scars, she used everything from Vaseline to Sudocrem, basically whatever she could get her hands on!

It is not wrong to use hacks, however, you need to understand the consequences. There are certain hacks that are useless. Some of them are adding sparkling wine to make scrambled eggs fluffier. Others are making milk frothier by using an empty hand dispenser. There are also easy hacks online to peel boiled eggs easily, cut cherry tomatoes in half or make one pot meal.

While performing any hack related to fire or electricity, the utmost caution should be practised!

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