Is There Really No Gravity At Hoover Dam? Get To Know The Real Reason About it & Other Interesting Facts

Hoover Dam is a very popular tourist spot in USA due to a myth associated with it, which is that this dam is an anti-gravity spot

by Ankita Mazumdar
Is There Really No Gravity At Hoover Dam? Get To Know The Real Reason About it & Other Interesting Facts

Gravity is a work of art, we mean, a great work of nature’s art. We all know that the earth’s standard gravity is 9.8 metres per second square. There is a popular myth going around that the USA’s Hoover Dam is an anti-gravity spot. Thus, it gets flocked by millions of people to witness this unique phenomenon. Is there no gravity at Hoover Dam? We are debunking this myth today. It is not the dam but the way this dam is uniquely built like a bow.

Know The Real Reason Behind Hoover Dam’s Anti-Gravity

Many people from all over the world believe that there is actually no gravity at Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA. This notion attracts a lot of tourists to witness the magic. The magic of throwing random things like water, stones or branches in the dam, only to make them come back as opposed to going down the dam. Is it magic or is it nature’s work? 

There is a scientific reason behind it obviously and it is no magic. Hoover Dam is a magnificent architectural dam built over 100 years ago. The view from this wonder is quite phenomenal as it is 2334 km long with a height of 726 ft. The magic starts with its shape, which is like a bow. This bow-shaped design causes the water or random things to go upwards rather than falling down the dam as it should due to gravitational force. 

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Due to the placement of the Hoover Dam, the windspeed also contributes to this unique phenomenon. The strong windspeed here causes the water to push back and float. Therefore, the water appears to float and the random things collide with the walls of Hoover Dam and start to get tossed by air. How cool is that! This debunks the popular myth of Hoover Dam having a no-gravity phenomenon.

Read About Other Interesting Facts About This Dam

  • It was during the time of the Great Depression in 1930; many people converged at the dam site in hopes of being employed at the site. Thus, Boulder City in Nevada was solely constructed to house all the 5000 workers of this dam! 
  • Hoover Dam became the largest reservoir in America with a capacity of holding 28.9 million acre-feet of water. Now, it contributes to farms, various projects and water to the residents of Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico. 

  • Hoover Dam with a height of 726 ft had the title of the world’s tallest dam. Currently, it is the second-tallest dam in the USA, surpassed by Oroville Dam in Northern California. Then, it was also the world’s largest hydroelectric station for a period of 10 years. 
  • Another interesting fact about this dam is that it was an alleged plan for Germans to bomb the Hoover Dam during the Second World War. Germans wanted to destroy the dam badly and make disruptions at the power supply to Americans. The US officials became vigilant and changed rules with stricter measures around the dam.

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Now, if you plan to visit Hoover Dam anytime soon, we hope you remember the actual reason behind the floating of water at this dam. Let others around you know as well.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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