ISRO Scientist & Voice Behind Chandrayaan-3’s Countdown, N Valarmathi, Passed Away In Chennai!

by Shreya Rathod
ISRO Scientist & Voice Behind Chandrayaan-3’s Countdown, N Valarmathi, Passed Away In Chennai!

The launch of the Chandrayaan-3 satellite was a proud moment for India and ISRO scientists who worked relentlessly and gave their best and it was a team effort. However, the country is shedding tears for one particular scientist who was the voice behind the launch — N Valarmathi! She passed away on Saturday, 3rd September, after a heart attack.

ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi Passed Away In Chennai

N Valarmathi, an ISRO scientist, was the voice behind the rocket countdown launches for Chandrayaan-3. It ended up being her final mission as she suffered a heart attack and passed away on Saturday night in Chennai.

Former ISRO director Dr PV Venkitakrishnan expressed his condolences for her passing on X (formerly Twitter) and claimed that Chandrayaan-3 was her final countdown announcement. According to his tweet, Valarmathi Madam’s voice won’t be heard during the countdowns of upcoming ISRO missions from Sriharikotta. Her final countdown announcement was Chandrayan-3. He also prayed for her soul and stated that it was unexpected news.

N Valarmathi was an Indian scientist who oversaw the development of RISAT-1, the nation’s first radar imaging satellite. She is the first recipient of the Abdul Kalam Award, which the Tamil Nadu government established in 2015 in memory of the late President Abdul Kalam.

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Since 1984, she has been employed by the ISRO and has participated in missions such as Insat 2A, IRS IC, IRS ID, and TES. When RISAT-1, India’s first locally manufactured radar imaging satellite, was successfully launched in 2012, she was appointed project director.

The Entire Country Is In Tears!

On X, several users expressed their heartfelt condolences for her demise and stated that they will miss her voice when the countdown begins! A user stated that her voice still reverberates in everyone’s ears, especially her Chandrayaan-3 countdown.

User @PawanKChandana, the co-founder of Skyroot Aerospace, also expressed his condolences and stated that they worked closely during the Vikram-S launch and she was the voice for the countdown.

Scientist N Valarmathi will be remembered for her commendable dedication to ISRO, participation in several crucial projects and, most importantly, for being a brilliant scientist!

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Cover Image Courtesy: @DrPVVenkitakri1/ Twitter