Italy Introduces Free Taxi Rides For Highly Intoxicated People To Avoid Drunk Driving

by Shreya Shriyan
Italy Introduces Free Taxi Rides For Highly Intoxicated People To Avoid Drunk Driving

If you’re in Italy and wanted to go out drinking but are worried about your ride home, we have some good news for you. Italy doesn’t want you to worry about finding a designated driver anymore for your drunken nights. The city is starting a free cab ride service for those who are too intoxicated to drive back home, to avoid accidents and promote road safety. 

Italy To Start Free Taxi Rides For Drunk Party Goers

Italy is testing a program that offers free taxi rides to party-goers, reported Hindustan Times. The goal is to reduce drunk driving and prevent fatal accidents. The trial project will operate until mid-September in six nightclubs across the nation – from Puglia to Tuscany and Veneto, stated the report. 

The idea is to assess visibly intoxicated individuals leaving the venues such as bars and clubs, stated the report. Those who surpass the alcohol limit in a test will have a taxi summoned for their journey home.

Italy’s transport ministry will reportedly fund the scheme, driven by Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister and leader of the hard-Right League party, stated Hindustan Times. In a tweet, Salvini wrote that free taxis will be provided at the end of the night for those who have had too much to drink.

As per Hindustan Times’s reports, he also stated that the initiative aims to prevent road dangers and tragedies. He emphasized that fines and laws alone can’t halt road fatalities. And that a prevention plan involving everyone is crucial. A 2020 report from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) highlighted Italy’s significant issue with drunk driving.

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What Does The Survey Say?

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Surveys reveal a higher tolerance for drunk driving in Italy compared to other EU nations, reported Hindustan Times.  Speaking to Hindustan Times, Samuele Bucciol, a nightclub owner, reported that taxis transported 21 individuals on the scheme’s debut night. He expressed his satisfaction with the government’s consideration for their sector. 

As per the report, Bucciol praised the intelligent initiative, highlighting that people visit to enjoy and sometimes indulge, making safe taxi rides home crucial. While this is good news for party animals in Italy, it is important to realise the need for safe driving. 

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Everyone has a part in keeping our roads safe. We must all choose to prevent the terrible outcomes of drunk driving. By working together and making a real effort, we can make our streets safer and prevent needless tragedies.

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