It’s Still Christmas! Come To Abu Dhabi To Enjoy An Extended Celebration At Ferrari World & Warner Bros

by Deeplata Garde
It’s Still Christmas! Come To Abu Dhabi To Enjoy An Extended Celebration At Ferrari World & Warner Bros

Christmas decided to stay a little longer in UAE this year. With the festive celebrations still going on in the region, it’s time to re-plan visiting these spots. Ferrari World & Warner Bros. at Yas Island decided to extend the festive vibes this season. The schedule suggests the Christmas would last upto 8th January in Abu Dhabi. So it’s time to make the most of it.

Extended  Christmas Festivities At Ferrari World & Warner Bros.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you have the opportunity this week to stretch your Christmas celebration all the way until Sunday. These two theme parks of  Abu Dhabi will continue to surprise visitors with their spectacular holiday spectacles. The festivities include family-friendly activities, beloved characters, and world-class celebrations.

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What To Expect Here?

The Winterfest decor is still kept on the premises for this elongated celebration at Ferrari World. The iconic holiday tree, shimmering snow globes, fairy lights, and festive wreaths all are preserved to spread festive cheer.

Visitors may keep an eye out for experienced sculptors working on original ice works of art that are inspired by the holiday season at the La Piazza stage.

If you plan to visit Warner Bros. then you are going to enter the whimsical world filled with looney tunes and characters greeting you with joy. The largest theatrical production, The NutQuacker show is still running. The show features 50 singers, artists, animated characters and acrobats. Visitors can take pictures with Scooby-Doo & The Mystery INC. Gang while they are decked out for the holidays in Cartoon Junction’s fanciful realm.

Join Daffy Duck for the season’s most popular dance party, the Daffy Holiday Dance Party, by dancing with him. Visitors can get together with The Flintstones to enjoy winter in the authentic Stone Age just a few feet away from the prehistoric land of Bedrock.

So if you didn’t get time for Christmas celebrations in December, these 2 theme parks in Abu Dhabi are giving you second chance.

Cover Image Courtesy: Experience Abu Dhabi