Jackie Shroff Responds To His Viral Anda Kadi Patta Recipe. Here’s What He Feels Glad About

by Shreya Ghosh
Jackie Shroff Responds To His Viral Anda Kadi Patta Recipe. Here’s What He Feels Glad About

If you are active on social media and enjoy watching cooking videos, you might have across a video of Jackie Shroff sharing a recipe. In a recent viral video, Jaggu Dada was seen sharing the cooking method of Anda Kadi Patta. Ever since the video began making rounds on the Internet, many content creators tried out the recipe and shared their versions on various social media platforms.

Jackie Shroff Reacts To All The Buzz Of His Anda Kadi Patta Recipe & Viral Video

Jackie Shroff
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The veteran actor talked about his reaction to all the appreciation this video received over the past few months. The original video was shared by Sikandar Kher, an actor. He shared with News 18 how he was talking with Sikandar to prepare a recipe. During this conversation, he just suggested this recipe and Sikandar shared it on social media. There were no such plans to make videos and upload them. Jaggu Dada is happy that his recipe has become iconic now. He feels blessed to receive so much love and have all his fans in his life.

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He even funnily shared that he hopes no one had to suffer food poisoning after preparing anda kadi patta and eating the dish.

Do You Know That The Actor Is A Vegetarian?

Jackie Shroff
Picture credit- Canva

In a conversation with News 18, he shared that he does not consume eggs and in fact, he is a vegetarian. Though Jackie Shroff does not eat eggs or any other non-vegetarian dishes, he does make some for his friends. Jaggu Dada was quoted saying, “I am a bloody good cook”.

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The original video received loads of love from Netizens. Internet users poured the comment section of the recipe video with appreciation for the actor and shared how they love his style of talking, Jaggu Dada surely has his unique charm and a specific way of talking that makes him special for everyone. There is no denying that he has a massive fanbase among all age groups. We love watching the actor on screen and his style of sharing this anda kadi patta video has won the hearts of millions.

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