Jacqueline Fernandez: I Make My Dad Feed Me With His Hands

Jacqueline Fernandez
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Food and going places is our thing! And we made sure, Jacqueline Fernandez has a memorable time savouring delicious Sri Lankan dishes from her home country. In the latest Sunday Brunch With Curly Tales, our Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani has a delightful conversation with Jacqueline about what she loves to eat, her favourite spots in Mumbai, her memories when she first arrived in Mumbai after winning a contest, her latest projects and more. We were totally engrossed with all the tales and stories she tells us!

Jacqueline Fernandez & Her Eating Habits

Jacqueline Fernandez grew up in Bahrain, took up summer jobs, was an eager teenager, and arrived in Mumbai, when she was super young! On being asked about how she relished her food, Jacqueline enthusiastically replied that she mostly ate with her hands. Being brought up in different countries did not really stop this and she even shared that whenever she eats with her dad, she ensures he feed her with his hands too. And whenever she is enjoying her plate of Dal and Chawal, Jacqueline likes to use her hands too. So relatable right? Especially with American accent and different cultural upbringing, Jacqueline is so much soaked with Indian culture and ways of life!

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Love For ‘Ghar ka Khanna’ & Healthiest Palak Paneer

During the chat with Kamiya Jani and Siddharth Aalambayan, talks about her decision of turning into a vegetarian. She told that she follows a vegan diet for at least some time during each year. Mostly, 40 days or so. Jacqueline’s decision to turn into a pure vegetarian was mostly due to her love for animals, to carry forward the thought and do something within her own capacity. Other reasons being spiritual, and even cleaner and better living. She tells that it is one of the best moves she ever made. Talking about Ghar Ka Khana and nutrition, Jacqueline prefers putting everything in it, and making sure her platter of palak paneer is the healthiest version ever.

So Much More To Discover In India…

We love how Jacqueline has soaked in Indianess within her. She goes on to say that there is so much more to discover in India. Jacqueline Fernandez has recently started exploring the temples in India. She finds it amazing that India’s temples are so much connected despite being located at different areas and locations. She says, ‘I am completely in awe of it.’ Jacqueline has involved herself in reading about the Ramayana and Mahabharata and even visiting temples. Talking about Sri Lanka, she says that it will be a different experience for anyone who visits the country. As the three spoke of different experiences and stories, they enjoyed a hearty Sri Lankan meal and were completely impressed with its tastes.

We were completely blown away by Jacqueline Fernandez, her words & her way of life. Check out this interview to know more about this gorgeous Bollywood actor and diva –

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