Jammu: Machail Mata Yatra 2023 Begins In Kishtwar; Dates, Facilities & More. All You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jammu: Machail Mata Yatra 2023 Begins In Kishtwar; Dates, Facilities & More. All You Need To Know

The annual Shri Machail Mata Yatra 2023 began yesterday, July 25. The start of the yatra was witnessed by hundreds of devotees at this beautiful High-altitude temple. Jammu’s Directorate of Tourism with District Administration Kishtwar has made all the necessary arrangements and has invited pilgrims to this yatra. From dates, facilities, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about this yatra:

Machail Mata Yatra 2023 Begins In Kishtwar

The temple is beautifully nestled on the Himalayan ranges. The annual Shri Machail Mata Yatra has started on July 25 and will culminate on September 5. Pilgrims can seek the blessings of the goddess Chandi Mata and be a part of this spiritual journey. Across northern India, it is one of the most famous pilgrimages. 

Devotees carry the Chhari, or holy mace, of Goddess Machail Mata during this yatra. They also sing devotional songs that praise the goddess. 

The pilgrims have to trek about 33 km from Gulabgarh. They will be witnessing scenic beauty as they move forward, including hot and cold water springs, which are considered sacred. 

To facilitate the travel of the yatris, various arrangements have already been made. From convenient transportation modes to accommodation facilities, everything has been taken care of. People can digitally book pony services and choppers. 

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More Number Of Visitors Are Expected

The yatra and the pilgrims have all the essential arrangements, according to Vivekanand Rai, Director of Tourism for Jammu, IRS. He continued by saying that pilgrims can also acquire more information by calling the Tourism Department’s toll-free number at 1800 890 8457 or the Kishtwar District Administration’s Helpline at +91-1995259555.

For the convenience of the yatris, he added, the concerned authorities have been given the task of ensuring sanitation and hygiene in and around the langar places. He claimed that with the start of the yatra from the base camp, the helicopter facility had also begun operating.

 The establishment of a Micro ATM facility at six important yatra stations, including Atholi, Gulabgarh, Kundail, Chishoti, Hamori, and the temple, would be a huge help to both the faithful and the general public.

 The famed pilgrimage of Goddess Machail Mata is strongly marketed throughout India, and this time, according to Joint Director of Tourism Sunaina Mehta, JKAS, they anticipate a little bit more people. (As per The Print)

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Have you ever been a part of this yatra?

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