Japan: Smoke Emerges From ANA Flight Carrying 200 Passengers; Makes Safe Landing

In recent scary news, smoke was seen emerging from an ANA flight.

by Shreya Ghosh
Japan: Smoke Emerges From ANA Flight Carrying 200 Passengers; Makes Safe Landing

News reports of airlines and flights providing inconvenient experiences to passengers are increasing. Sadly, we are frequently coming across such cases scrolling social media platforms. In a recent shocking incident, smoke was seen coming out from an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight. The alarming instance was reported recently when the aircraft made a landing at the Shin Chitose airport in Northern Japan.

Smoke Was Seen Emerging From An ANA Flight

ANA Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

According to NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster, people scarily witnessed smoke coming out of an ANA flight while it made a safe landing at northern Japan’s Shin Chitose airport. It was on Wednesday when the horrible flight incident was reported. About 200 passengers were travelling on that flight from the Haneda Airport in Tokyo. The good news is that none of the passengers or the crew suffered from any injury.

Seeing smoke emerging from the wing area of the flight looked confusingly scary for everyone. The flow decreased to some extent only after the engines were completely stopped from further operations. While the officials of the airline did not respond to the incident right after the news broke out all around the world, NHK stated the possible reasons for the smoke coming out from the wing area of the aircraft.

According to the Japanese public broadcaster, oil leakage might be a crucial reason behind the frightening incident. One of the indicators of the cockpit reportedly did not have sufficient oil pressure. It requires a specific pressure in the system to operate and control the movements of the flight. One indicator had a dip in oil pressure, according to a report by CityNews Toronto.

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What Happened Later?

ANA Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The incident was indeed a horrifying one and people on board surely felt unsafe while smoke was seen coming out of the aircraft. We can only imagine what they must have felt while being present on the flight in that situation. Gladly, no one was hurt while smoke was coming out. One of Shin Chitose Airport’s runways was shut down from providing services.

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These are all the updates of the ANA flight incident.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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