Japan: Tsunami Advisory Issued At Izu Islands Ensuing A 6.6 M Earthquake; 30 CM High Waves Observed

by Shreya Rathod
Japan: Tsunami Advisory Issued At Izu Islands Ensuing A 6.6 M Earthquake; 30 CM High Waves Observed

In Japan, the Izu Peninsula is known for its beaches and marine sports. The place has been home to small villages and draws trekkers and nature lovers. However, they are a group of volcanic islands. Recently, following a 6.6 magnitude earthquake, tsunami waves were observed near one of the Izu islands!

Tsunami Waves Were Observed Near Izu Islands!

japan Izu Islands tsunami
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A 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the western Pacific Ocean late on Thursday morning. It was followed by tsunami waves that could reach heights of 30 centimetres on at least one of the Izu islands.

The Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory and initially predicted waves of up to 1 metre for the remote chain of islands lying south of Tokyo when the earthquake occurred at 11 am near Torishima in the Izu chain at a depth of 10 kilometres. People living near river mouths and in coastal areas were urged to retreat to the higher grounds.

During a press briefing, a Meteorological Agency spokesperson stated that a 1-metre wave might not appear to be important to note. However, encounter with one of these waves can be exceedingly risky and can knock you off your feet.

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Initially, the tsunami was expected to arrive at certain timings around the Izu islands, including at Hachijo-jima at 11:50 am and Izu Oshima at noon. At 12:17 pm, a tsunami of 30 cm was reportedly seen at Hachijo-Jima (Yaene), while the agency noted that it may have been higher at other locations.

Locals Were Asked To Exercise Caution

japan Izu Islands tsunami
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According to the meteorological organisation, there is a 10 to 20 per cent possibility of another earthquake of a comparable magnitude occurring. The public was guided to exercise caution throughout the coming week.

The agency reported that seismic activity had been noticed in the same region of the western Pacific Ocean starting on Monday and continuing up until the earthquake on Thursday morning. Recently, further earthquakes with a magnitude greater than six have also been noted.

Although it has been difficult to confirm, there hasn’t been any remarkable volcanic activity after Thursday’s earthquake. The Japan Coast Guard’s aircraft observations over the past week have also revealed no unusual activity.

When a previous earthquake of comparable size was recorded near Torishima island in 2006, a 16 cm tsunami reached Miyake-jima.

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Additionally, this is the first tsunami warning for the Izu islands since the tsunami and eruption of the Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano in 2022.

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