Japanese, Arabic, Russian And More: Ministry of Tourism Has A New 24×7 Helpline For Foreign Tourists

by Tooba Shaikh
Japanese, Arabic, Russian And More: Ministry of Tourism Has A New 24×7 Helpline For Foreign Tourists

Are you travelling to India for the first time and are worried because you’re not fluent in any of the local languages? Don’t worry! This all-new government measure to ensure tourist safety will surely help you out! The Ministry of Tourism of India has set up a new 24×7 helpline that will provide tourists with the information and support that they might need at any given time. Read on for more details.

New 24×7 Helpline By The Ministry Of Tourism

This new helpline by the Ministry of Tourism is set up keeping in mind the safety and security concerns that tourists travelling to India might have. Here’s how you can avail this facility. Just dial the number 1800111363 and assistance will be there. What is more, the number is absolutely toll-free and no charges will be levied on the calls. Moreover, the helpline is available 24×7 so you can receive assistance at any given time, day or night. You can also dial a short code 1363 and receive telephonic assistance.

new 24x7 helpline
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Since this service is primarily aimed at foreign tourists, it is available in 10 foreign languages and 2 domestic languages. To support foreign tourists, languages like Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are available. For the support of domestic tourists, English and Hindi are available.

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Move Made Based On A Study

This move is made based on a study that was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism. It was conducted by the Indian Institute of Tourism Management (IITM), which is an autonomous institute that comes under the Ministry’s purview. The Ministry then forwarded the study called “Functioning of Tourist Police in States/UTs & Documentation of Best Practices” to all the State Governments and UT Administrations.

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