Lucknow’s Popular Restaurant Wahid Biryani Distributes Free Food To The Hungry Through Helpline

by Sanjana Shenoy

There are many Covid positive patients in our country who struggle to arrange for good food as they grapple with the issues of the pandemic. In times like these, good samaritans in the forms of home cooks, college students, transwomen communities, NGOs, neighbours and even restaurants united to provide free or reasonably priced food to those in need. Lucknow’s popular Wahid Biryani has also joined the noble bandwagon. The restaurant distributes free food to the hungry through its own helpline. If you’re from Lucknow, under home isolation after testing Covid positive, here’s how you can get yourself a meal from Wahid Biryani.

Wahid Biryani In Lucknow Provides Free Food To Covid Patients & Needy

Specialising in Awadhi cuisine, Lucknow’s Wahid Biryani is spreading its aromatic biryani to the homes of those in need. A report by ANI states that the restaurant has been using a helping to donate free food for the underprivileged through a helpline. Utilising four or five vans per day, Wahid Biryani distributes vegetarian food across Lucknow. The restaurant ensures that delicious and healthy food is served to around 1800 to 2000 people on a daily basis. Rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners and the helpless on the roads outside city hospitals like Lohia Institue, Civil Hospital, Trauma Centre and Medical College,  receive these meals.

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Picture Credits: Facebook/Wahid Biryani

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How To Order Food From Wahid Biryani?

Wahid Biryani serves a different menu every day. Apart from serving fresh food to the underprivileged, the restaurant also provides free home delivery to people spread across the city. They want to reach out to citizens who cannot visit their centres or those who have tested Covid positive or are suffering from any other disease. People who cannot step outside their homes to eat a plate of fresh food can always reach out to Wahid Biryani. To order a plate of food, enter your name, address and mobile number of their helpline, +91-9125066660.  For the first time in 65 years, Wahid Biryani prepared veg food to serve migrants during the coronavirus induced lockdown in 2020. They continue to bring a smile to everyone’s faces through their compassion, kinship and mouth-watering food. Meanwhile, until you visit Lucknow, here are some dishes you must try in the City of Nawabs.