Jet Skis Banned From Entering Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbour Areas; Violators Will Be Penalized

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Jet Skis Banned From Entering Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbour Areas; Violators Will Be Penalized

Dubai is known for its thrilling water sports. However, there are times when some of these sports can also become a hinderance. Recently, residents in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah have complained about jet ski races on family beach and recreational areas. Therefore, starting 2 August, DMCA has banned jet skis on Palm Jumeriah and Dubai’s harbour areas. Read on to know more.

Jet Skis Are Now Banned In Dubai’s Palm Jumeriah, Violators Will Be Penalized

As per the new announcement made by DCMA, jet skis in Dubai will not be permitted to enter Palm Jumeriah and Dubai’s harbour areas. Violators will be strictly penalised, said the circular. Owners, agents, charters, marinas, yacht clubs and recreational sailing organisations shall ensure that the contents of this circular are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels, the notice added.

The decision was made after residents complained about high-speed races on the family beach and recreational water sports areas in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Harbour.

Recently, a video in which HH Sheikh Hamdan is seen rushing to the aid of a friend went viral on 1 August. Read on to know what happened.

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Rushes To Help His Friend After Sport Mishap

Skydiver and adventure enthusiast Nasser Al Neyadi recently attempted jet packing in the UAE. Jetpacking is an adventure sport which takes you as high as 30 feet above water by water jets. In the video, Nasser is seen strapped into the safety harness, enjoying the sport, laughing and playing, as he prepares for the water-powered propulsion.

However, in a few minutes, things there is an awkward turn on events and Nasser loses control and crash-lands back into the water. In the few ensuing moments of panic, Neyadi is nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed came to Nasser’s rescue. True to his Instagram name ‘Fazza’ which means one who rushes to help, Sheikh Hamdan rushed to his friend’s aid. Making his way swiftly through the waters Hamdan reached Nasser to save his life. The duo then exchanged laughs of relief, before Sheikh Hamdan gave Neyadi a tight embrace.

The video captioned #CloseCall, went viral on Instagram. Neyadi who responded to the post with multiple laughing emojis. The video garnered over 125,000 views and 19,000 likes within three hours after it was posted.

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