Jettwings Airways Is India’s First Ever Northeast Company To Operate Domestic Flights; To Soar Soon

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jettwings Airways Is India’s First Ever Northeast Company To Operate Domestic Flights; To Soar Soon

Jettwings Airways was granted the NOC (non-objection certificate) to run scheduled commuter air transport services by the civil aviation ministry. The airlines made the announcement today. Under the UDAN Scheme, the airline intends to first provide regional connectivity to customers. This service will connect a number of locations in the Northeast and Eastern areas. UDAN is the government’s regional connectivity scheme. The airways are all set to become the first from the northeast region. 

Jettwings Airways Is All Set Soar Soon

Jettwings Airways announced that it has been granted an NOC (non-objection certificate) from the civil aviation ministry. 

It was founded with the goal of revolutionising regional connectivity by providing passengers with first-rate service, comfort, and convenience. After receiving the necessary regulatory clearances and an AOC from the DGCA, the airline promises to provide its customers with premium economy services. The airline, with its base in Guwahati, also introduced a fleet of contemporary aircraft with advanced flight deck turbofans.

It will be the first company from the Northeast to ever run airline operations in the nation once it receives approval for flight operations. The aviation industry is extremely competitive, but Jettwings Airways is certain that by providing a distinctive and cutting-edge travel experience, it can carve out a niche for itself. 

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Plans Of A Loyalty Programme In Future

In order to solve this, a team of experienced and seasoned aviation professionals who are passionate about providing great service to their clients has been assembled to run the airline. Jettwings Airways believes that even regional connectivity demands reliable, rapid, and high-quality service. In the future, the airline also intends to provide a loyalty programme to honour frequent travellers.

 The company believes in providing a unique product to communities that need options for safe and enjoyable travel, even though it is well funded and appropriately capitalised to start and sustain operations. Jettwings Airways aims to expand the alternatives available to passengers wishing to fly to or from the Northeast by offering premium economy services.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @jettwingsairways/Twitter