Jharkhand Canal Took 42 Years To Make, Collapses After 24 Hours Of Opening

by Mrunal Mahajan
Jharkhand Canal Took 42 Years To Make, Collapses After 24 Hours Of Opening

As surprising as it may sound, this news is true. The Jharkhand canal in Hazaribagh took 42 years to build and it collapsed just 24 hours after it was inaugurated by the state’s Chief Miniter, Raghubar Das. The cost of this project escalated from ₹12 crores to ₹2,176 crores over the years.

The collapse also destroyed crops that were spread across 100 acres in Bagdogar block of Giridh District. The Jharkhand Canal was aimed at providing water to 35 villages across Giridih, Hazaribagh, Bokaro and other districts of the state.

Credits: The Logical Indian

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This mishap was blamed on the rodents who breached into that canal by the authorities. The government set up a 3 member panel to look into the matter and soon 4 engineers were suspended and held responsible for the breach in this project.

As per NDTV reports, the panel headed by Chief Engineer Sanaullah inquired and found that 600 meters below the damaged site, there was an escape channel. This escape canal is supposed to be open for the normal flow of water but it was closed for some unknown reasons.

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The Jharkhand irrigation project was first started at the cost of ₹ 12 crores and was dragged by multiple governments on grounds of issues like the indifference of successive governments which led for it to be built now at the cost of ₹ 2500 crores.