Just Days After Passenger Protests, IndiGo Plane Halts Operations At Delhi Airport For 15 Min Due To Missing Taxiway

IndiGo trouble continued to run deep as a landing mishap led to 15 15-minute halt in operation at the Delhi Airport on Sunday.

by Tashika Tyagi
Just Days After Passenger Protests, IndiGo Plane Halts Operations At Delhi Airport For 15 Min Due To Missing Taxiway

IndiGo has been taking a lot of flak recently for various reasons. From passenger protests to complaints – there are many reasons! Now, adding to their mounting troubles, an IndiGo plane encountered a landing mishap at the Delhi Airport. On Sunday morning, an Indigo flight from Amritsar missed the taxiway which led to a complete stoppage of operations at one of the runways at Delhi Airport for 15 minutes. Thankfully, the issue was quickly resolved and the runway became operational right after. Read on to know everything about this incident.

IndiGo Flight Misses Designated Taxiway, Delays Operation At Delhi Airport

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Image Courtesy: Canva

An IndiGo flight from Amritsar veered off course at a runway at Delhi Airport and missed its designated taxiway on Sunday morning. This led to a brief runway block of 15 minutes and halted operations on that runway. This disruption was soon resolved and the aircraft was towed to a parking bay. IndiGo has yet to give any statement on this entire incident.

The A320 plane reached the dead end of runway 28/10 after landing at the Delhi Airport. It is believed that the plane failed to locate the designated taxiway at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Thankfully, the airport authorities were quick on their feet and resolved the entire incident quickly. Also, since the Delhi Airport has four operational runways, it was able to divert and work smoothly despite this mishap.

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Flight Delays & Complains Mount IndiGo’s Trouble

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Image Courtesy: website/IndiGo

While quickly resolved, this incident is yet another episode in the series that involved IndiGo. Passengers in a Deoghar-bound flight from Delhi created a major uproar after their flight was cancelled on January 31. Not to forget the one where a passenger was caught on camera hitting the flight pilot because of a delay.

Also, in January, cricketer Mayank Agarwal filed a police complaint against IndiGo after he was hospitalised in Agartala. As per the report, the cricketer was served a ‘poisonous liquid’ onboard that led to this incident.

Seems like the troubles aren’t ending for IndiGo anytime soon. Also, this incident not only puts a bad light on the airline but also Delhi Airport. We really hope the airport and airline improve their managing efficiency to minimise passenger inconvenience.

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