Kachoris To Murukku; 7 Diwali Special Treats To Make At Home For Festive Vibes In The Middle East

by Anupriya Mishra
Kachoris To Murukku; 7 Diwali Special Treats To Make At Home For Festive Vibes In The Middle East

Diwali, which is the Festival of Lights is one of the most loved festivals in India. Reinstating the ideology of the victory of good over evil, it’s quite difficult for people living away from home to feel cheerful on the festival days as celebrations are a time for people to get together as a community. So if you are an expat living in the Middle East, these desi recipes are certainly going to give you festival vibes this Diwali. Take a look at some of the most popular Diwali special recipes that will make your celebrations a tad bit more special and put a smile on your face.

Diwali Special Treats To Make At Home

1. Samosa

Samosas are quite popular and no one needs any introduction to this popular street food. And if you also wish to relish this popular festive and party snack at home, then you will certainly want to check out this recipe by Kanak’s Kitchen. As it happens, the recipe itself uses quite a bunch of spices, so you might want to keep your pantry stocked with the list of ingredients required for making restaurant-like samosas at home.

Although making the filling itself is quite simple, you might find it difficult to mould it into shape, which is generally the most challenging part. Don’t forget to relish this with some homemade mint chutney or maybe even tomato sauce.

2. Murukku

Murukku is a highly popular Tamil snack, which is made from urad dal and rice flour. Generally relished during Diwali, if you also wish to treat your loved ones to the South Indian delicacy, you might want to follow the recipe by Hebbars Kitchen. While making this crispy delight is not that difficult, it does require you to prepare ahead of time. Not to mention, the recipe also uses quite simplistic ingredients.

However, kneading the dough according to the right consistency is exactly where you might encounter some problems. And of course, you will need the right tools for making this crispy delight at home.

3. Paneer Tikka

A popular party snack, Paneer Tikka is definitely something that you will want to relish this festive season. Giving you festive vibes even away from home, the ingredient list is quite tall, so you might want to be prepared before you dive into making this recipe. Once you have all the said ingredients, it becomes quite easy to prepare this recipe by CookingShooking. Moreover, this is a no-oven recipe, which means you can relish it even if you don’t have an oven at your place.

4. Suji Halwa

Diwali treats are rather incomplete without some sweet delights. This recipe for Suji Halwa by Kabita’s Kitchen is definitely something you would want to try this festive season to feel the warmth of your home even though you are miles away. The preparation time is just 15 to 20 minutes and there are only a handful of ingredients that are used for making the recipe. So, making this at home is pretty simple!

5. Kesar Peda

Another really popular sweet dish that is relished by people during Diwali is Kesar Peda. This recipe by MasterChef India’s winner Pankaj Bhadouria is not only hassle-free but can be made in 10 minutes. And as this recipe uses just a few ingredients, the method is pretty simple. Moreover, the chef clearly points out instructions, which makes it quite easy for people to follow and make the recipe at home.

6. Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhaji or Pakoras are one of the most famous snacks and it’s relished by not just Indians but even by people around the world. A recipe by Kitchen Sanctuary, this is quite simple and will instantly transport you to your childhood days. This is a family-friendly recipe and is also also perfect for Diwali parties. So, if you’re hosting one on Diwali day, you might want to consider serving this as an appetiser for your guests.

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7. Kachori

Kachori happens to be one of the most famous dishes that are relished by people during the festival of Diwali. While there are many different types of kachoris available across the country, these can also be easily made at home. This recipe by Masala Kitchen is for Moong Dal Kachori, which requires some advanced preparation. Therefore you might want to start with the preparations a day earlier. As it requires you to soak in the dal, starting a day ahead, makes it quite easier for you to prepare this recipe at home without stressing about finishing the recipe on time for your guest.

These were just some of the many popular recipes that are made by households around the country to celebrate the Festival of Light. If you are also missing your home and want to get festival vibes in the Middle East, we certainly do recommend trying them out for yourself.

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