Kangana Ranaut Fawns Over Dal Baati Churma & Calls It “Most Amazing Thing Ever”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kangana Ranaut Fawns Over Dal Baati Churma & Calls It “Most Amazing Thing Ever”

Kangana Ranaut has often taken to Twitter to share her frank opinions. And now the actress has taken to the microblogging site to share her love for the Rajasthani delicacy — Dal Baati Churma. Read on to know what Kangana Ranaut thinks about this delicious dish.

Kangana Ranaut Shares Her Love For Dal Baati Churma

Kangana Ranaut retweeted a Twitter thread posted by @IndiaTales7 of the ’14 of the Most Popular Vegetarian Dishes Of India’. With Dal Baati Churma taking 10th place on the list, Kangana Ranaut shared her love for it. In her caption, the Queen star said called Dal Baati Churma, “the most amazing thing ever”. 

She goes on to add that when she first discovered the Rajasthani dish, she was reluctant to try it. Even uncomfortable. She found it strange in theory that spicy dal, sweet churma and roasted dough could be mashed and blended together. But in practicality, Kangana Ranaut found the dish to be beyond delicious. Now, that’s the beauty of Dal Baati Churma that can’t resist. It has the spiciness and comfort of dal, the sweetness of churma and the wholesomeness of roasted baati.

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Twitteratis Suggest She Try Litti Chokha

Her tweet sharing her love for Dal Baati Churma instantly went viral on Twitter. It garnered over 149.6k views. Netizens commented on the thread, with many suggesting Kangana Ranaut try the Bihari special Litti Chokha too. This dish is believed to be similar to Dal Baati Churma. @BobbySatle commented that they can eat Dal Baati Churma, two to three times a day.

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The Twitterati went on to say that it’s part of the tradition and they find it so delicious that they can’t stop eating it every weekend. @BobbySatle advises the actor to have this for lunch and then enjoy an afternoon siesta.

Well, have you tried Dal Baati Churma? If you did, do you like to mix churma in the dish or have it separately later? Let us know about your preferences in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: kanganaranaut/ Instagram and Canva