Kanpur-Aligarh Four-Lane Highway Will Be Complete Soon; Will Reduce Distance By 90 Km

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kanpur-Aligarh Four-Lane Highway Will Be Complete Soon; Will Reduce Distance By 90 Km

The distance between Kanpur and Aligarh is all set to be reduced by 90 kilometres soon. The work on the Kanpur-Aligarh four-lane highway is soon to be completed. This 284-kilometre-long highway was built at a cost of ₹3,500 crore. If reports are to be believed, the fifth toll plaza will also be operational on August 15. Here is more about the soon-to-be completed highway. 

Kanpur-Aligarh Four-Lane Highway Will Be Completed Soon

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The construction of the Kanpur-Aligarh four-lane highway started in 2019. From Aligarh’s Bauner to Kanpur’s Indian Institute of Technology

The officials mentioned that ultra-concentrate machines are used to construct 10 kilometres every day. The work on this project started in March 2021 and is estimated to be completed in September 2023. 

Prashant Dubey, project manager, National Highways Authority Of India (NHAI), mentioned the work on a six-lane bridge in Kanpur. The bridge in Mandhana is in its final stage. 

By the end of August, the work will be completed, after which the highway will be ready. After this highway is completed, the travel time between Kanpur and Aligarh will be reduced by 90 km. 

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The Project Is Being Worked On In 5 Sections

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The distance between Kanpur and Delhi will be cut in half once this highway’s development is complete, or around 90 km. The distance from Etawah to Delhi is 510 kilometres, compared to 420 kilometres by highway. Prashant Dubey added that the 284-km GT Road (NH-91) project from Kanpur-IIT Gate to Aligarh is being worked on in five sections.

The first segment runs from Bauner in Aligarh to Bhadwas in Hathras, followed by Bhadwas in Hathras and Kalyanpur in Etah, and finally Etah.

Kalyanpur to Naviganj in Mainpuri, Naviganj in Mainpuri to Mitrasen in Kannauj, and Mitrasen in Kannauj to Kanpur-IIT Gate make up the fourth and fifth sections, respectively.

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