Kapil Sharma: You Need 15 Days To Explore Amritsar & Get Ready To Put On At Least 5kg| Curly Tales

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Kapil Sharma: You Need 15 Days To Explore Amritsar & Get Ready To Put On At Least 5kg| Curly Tales

Who doesn’t know Kapil Sharma? A boy from Amritsar who started his journey as a contestant on Laughter Challenge now has the longest-running show on Indian television. Fair to say, not a lot of people would have suspected such massive success for him. Now paving his way into Bollywood as an actor, he proves the fact that talent knows no bounds. That brings us to our latest episode of Tere Gully Mein where super funny and talented Kapil Sharma joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on the streets of Amritsar, his very own gully.

Kapil Sharma Elaborated On Food In Amritsar

Sure, he has big dreams and he worked very hard to turn them all into reality. But did he ever imagine he would be invited for an episode with Curly Tales? Jokes apart, we could predict the kind of fun waiting for us in Amritsar. As soon as he welcomed us to Amritsar, he shared that half a day is not enough to devour all that the city has to offer. From Kulchas to Pooris, there is an endless variety of tiny eateries with drool-worthy dishes nobody must miss. He also shared that if one gains 5 kgs of weight after a week or two in the golden city, it should not come as a surprise. Well, we can imagine how much truth that holds!

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He Took Us For The Yummiest Kulchas

Kapil Sharma Tere Gully Mein
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What is the point of visiting Amritsar if you don’t indulge in a hot steaming plate of Amritsari Chole Kulche? So that is exactly how we started our food trail in Amritsar. Kapil Sharma took us to Kartar’s Pehelwan Kulcha, where we were joined by the director Nandita Das and actress Shahana Goswami of Zwigato, his upcoming movie. Safe to say, we were all drooling at the sight of those buttery and flaky kulchas.

The first thing Kapil asked for was more butter to put on his kulcha because that is the right way to eat it. He also elaborated on the popularity of chole in Amritsar and we could see how big of a foodie he is! It definitely got us more excited for the day going forward.

To know more about his childhood in the gullies of Amritsar, go and watch the full video!

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