Karachi Street Vendor’s “Unhygienic” Mango Juice Video Goes Viral; Netizens Are Disgusted

by Shreya Shriyan
Karachi Street Vendor’s “Unhygienic” Mango Juice Video Goes Viral; Netizens Are Disgusted

Indulging in India’s tempting street food is like dancing with the devil. You never know what you may get. A cheap yet fulfilling meal, or a glass full of diseases. So, it comes as no surprise when Netizens were left divided after this viral video of mango juice by a street vendor in Karachi, started making rounds. 

Karachi Mango Juice Vendor’s “Unhygienic” Video Goes Viral


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Internet users are divided over a video of a street food vendor preparing mango juice in unhygienic conditions. The video, shared on Instagram reels by digital creator Wajih Ansari, (@wajihansarii) shows the vendor cutting mangoes with flies swarming around. 

People are reacting strongly to the clip, questioning the hygiene standards of the preparation. The video showing the preparation of mango juice has gone viral, amassing an impressive 3.5 million views and 55k likes. All of this is just within just 48 hours, reported NDTV

In the video, the vendor sifts through a crate of mangoes to select the juiciest ones. Next, they peel and cut the mangoes into small pieces, while a swarm of flies hovers over the box containing the fruit.  

The chopped mangoes are then blended in a mixer grinder to extract the juice, which is later served to customers with crushed ice in the glass. Viewers flooded the video of the street vendor as he prepared mango juice. 

Many found the preparation disgusting and decided against trying the mango juice. Naturally, anyone with a sensible view of the video had opposing comments.  One user commented about how they saw a fly disappearing into the jug right before their eyes while another user jokingly commented “Diarrhea helps with weight loss”. 

Meanwhile, a different said, ” Just Googled it. Hygiene is illegal in India.”. One user even questioned the lack of glass-washing during the process and said “Why did they even wash the glasses?”.

Other ‘making videos’ have also divided the Internet. One such video showcased the mass production of cakes in a factory, triggering angry reactions online. 

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Not The First Time A Food Video Left Netizens Cringing

 Twitter user @chiragbarjatyaa shared this video on his Twitter page. The video depicts a man cracking multiple eggs and gathering them in one place. Next, he transfers the eggs to a large container with a fitted whisk on top. 

He proceeds to pour oil or water, followed by flour, into the container for cake-making. After whisking the ingredients for a while, he divides the cake batter into several trays lined with newspapers.

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The man pours yellow syrup over the cake as a glaze. He proceeds to decorate the cake with edible flowers and creates bird-like shapes with the buttercream. The video of the mass-produced cakes, shocked and disgusted viewers, equally. With many choosing to “never eat cakes” again. And honestly, we kind of agree!

I guess our mom’s were right, “bahar khaane ki zaroorat nahi hai, ghar pai jo hai chup chap khao.”

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