Kareena Kapoor Khan Loves These Punjabi Dishes | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Kareena Kapoor Khan Loves These Punjabi Dishes | Curly Tales

A fashion icon and a film star, Kareena Kapoor is truly a phenomenal personality known for her wit, charm, and impeccable talent as an actress. She has been a part of various blockbuster movies and continues to do so. Showering her fans and audience with a lot of entertainment, she is loved by people all over the world. On this Sunday Brunch episode, she has joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to let us in on some interesting details about her life.

Kareena Kapoor Is A Punjabi At Heart

Kareena Sunday Brunch
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To stay fit and healthy, one has to be physically active and keep a check on their diet at the same time. Especially when it comes to actors, physical appearance matters a lot. Being a fashionista, Kareena Kapoor surely has an effective regime for herself. But is she a foodie as well? We wanted to know, so we asked her about her favourite foods. To our surprise, she revealed that she is a typical Punjabi eater.

With an undying love for Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag topped with butter, she never compromises on her love for food. She shared that she made sure to have her favourite meal at least once a week when it was in season. Kareena Kapoor also mentioned that ghee is an extremely healthy source of fat, and she makes sure to have a teaspoon of it every day. Even though it is hard to imagine her indulging in Sarson ka Saag with butter on top of it, we had to take her word for it.

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She Also Talked About Calling The Shots At Home

Kareena Kapoor Sunday Brunch
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Digging a little deeper into her life, we gave her some scenarios, and asked her who between the couple would take the final decision in that scenario. First, we asked her about the children’s meals. Who will decide if they will have ghee or not? To that, Kareena answered that Saif Ali Khan completely trusts her when it comes to deciding what is best for the kids. She makes sure that the children are also consuming their daily dose of ghee and other nutritional elements.

When it comes to making travel plans, she is the one calling the shots there as well. Saif Ali Khan calls her the perfect planner, and that gives us plenty of information. A lot of fun and games followed in the episode, and we are obsessed with Kareena’s charm.

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