Kave Cafe In Al Quoz Is The Dubai’s First Plastic-Free Cafe

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Kave Cafe In Al Quoz Is The Dubai’s First Plastic-Free Cafe

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Kave cafe in Al Quoz is the first plastic-free cafe in the city and the little changes this place has made has left a huge impact on the environment.

What’s It?

Dubai is doing every bit it can to make the city more environment-friendly and we have proof! In fact restaurants, bars and cafes have replaced plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives. However, one cafe in Al Quoz has travelled an extra mile and has made the cafe completely plastic-free! How cool is that!

Credits: Kave Instagram
Credits: Kave Instagram

To start off with, Kave cafe offers freshly prepared food daily so your body gets the best nutrients possible. The menu also has some homemade delicacies that are more effective than modern day medicine. So, indulge!

Credits: Kave Instagram
Credits: Kave Instagram

Apart from offering delectable knick-knacks, Kave, the new plastic-free cafe in Dubai is doing every bit it can to conserve and protect Mother Nature. With zero waste being their biggest goal, the cafe only uses up-cycled or recycled cutlery. Plastic cups or other types of on-the-go cutlery are strictly prohibited. And incase customer want to take away something, the cafe encourages them to bring their own to-go cup. Lastly, you will not receive a receipt from the cafe after your meal. If you want your receipt just plug in your email while you wait for your order to be prepared and they will email you a copy. Now, this is eco-friendly to another level!

The cafe conducts up-cycle workshops, home styling sessions, mind and body workshops and much more that contribute towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

What Else?

The ambience is simple, offering enough good vibes to hang out, unleash your creativity and do your bit towards the earth. The cafe also houses an in-house store which sells all eco-friendly things, made with soul. From up-cycled furniture to vintage artisanal items, home decor and natural products for personal care, the petite store has a little something for everyone to take home.

Being kind to your body, environment and the community is the key goal of the cafe, and we must say they do it all effortlessly.


Location: Warehouse 20, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz
Timings: 11am to 9pm
Contact: (055) 102 4469