Kerala Couple In UK Fill & Forget About A Random Lottery; Win Lamborghini Worth ₹1.84 Cr

by Suchismita Pal
Kerala Couple In UK Fill & Forget About A Random Lottery; Win Lamborghini Worth ₹1.84 Cr

What would be your reaction if you wake up someday and realize that you have won a Lambhorgini car worth ₹1.84 crores? Not something that seems to happen in reality, right? But this dream actually came true for a Kerala couple in the United Kingdom who had forgotten a random lottery.  Shibu Paul and Linnet Joseph, a Malayali couple living in the UK’s Nottingham got this pleasant surprise amid the trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, opening the boot of the car, they found £20,000 ( ₹18.94 lakhs) cash prize too. Having lost his job, Shibu had been probably praying for a miracle like this to happen and the almighty had listened to his appeals. In another incident, a Dubai couple’s 10-day honeymoon to the Maldives turned into two months due to lockdown.

After Losing Job, UK-Based Kerala Couple Win Lamborghini And Cash Prize Worth ₹18.94 Lakhs

The COVID-19 pandemic has left hundreds of millions of people jobless. A large number of cash-strapped companies are either going bankrupt or doing employee layoffs and pay-cuts to stay afloat. Shibu and Linnet were also struggling to make ends meet somehow after losing their source of income amid the pandemic. But little did they know that a magical break was awaiting them on the other side of the misery. After losing this job, Shibu had bought tickets for the contest called ‘Best of the Best’ (BOTB) with the hope of winning his dream car. He had filled three of them and the last one was a random filling at the airport. But eventually, he had forgotten about the lottery. And then one fine morning, the representatives of Lambhorgini knocked at their doors in the morning, ushing them with the luxury car worth ₹1.84 crores and cash prize worth ₹18.94 lakhs. Now, that’s called the surprise of a lifetime!

Kerala Couple UK Lamborghini
Picture Credits: India Times

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The Couple Had To Shift From Cambridge To Nottingham To Save Expenses

Shibu and Linnet initially used to live in the Cambridge region of England. But due to the high costs of living there, they had to move to Nottingham. Linnet is presently working with the Nottingham City Hospital as a staff nurse. The lottery has definitely come us a huge blessing to the couple, wiping off their financial woes.

Kerala Couple UK Lamborghini
Picture Credits: BOTB

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