Kerala Man Travels To Dubai To Buy iPhone 14 Before India Launch, Testament Of Apple Craze!

by Sanmita A
Kerala Man Travels To Dubai To Buy iPhone 14 Before India Launch, Testament Of Apple Craze!

True love for i-phones does exist. Recently, a man who fancies Apple products headed to Dubai to purchase the newly launched iPhone 14 Pro. Yes, that is how much this man, hailing from Kerala, loves i-phones, and the real Apple fans out there will not question his dedication. The man is a Kochi-based businessman, Dheeraj Palliyil, who travelled all the way to Dubai from Kochi to purchase the latest series of in-phone before it launched in India.

Kerala Man Purchases New iPhone 14 Before India Launch

After buying Apple’s new product, this man from Kerala has surely become one of the first owners of the new series of iPhone 14 products. Dheeraj Palliyil took to Instagram to share this moment of happiness and delight after purchasing this phone from a re-seller, iSTYLE UAE Apple Premium Reseller in Dubai. Take a look at his happy face, holding the latest Apple phone —


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iPhone Fan Spends Lakhs To Travel & Purchase The New iPhone Pro 14 Series

Quoting this instance, Dheeraj has definitely spent a good amount of money on travel and visa to Dubai. Well, we are super impressed with his fandom for Apple products. He spent an amount of upto 5,949 AED (around ₹1.29 lakh) just for travelling to Dubai. And, as they say, the rest is history. Netizens were impressed with his grit to purchase the latest series from a different country. A few even congratulated him for doing the same.

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Apple Launch In India

The new iphone 14 Pro has launched in India. And a lot of people were waiting to get their hands on this latest Apple product. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models can be purchased in India now. This new series has tons of new features that aren’t present in the older versions. Well, the excitement regarding the iphone new series launch is something that only real Apple fans can relate to.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram@Dheeraj Palliyil/Pixabay