32-Yr-Old Covid Positive Woman From Sharjah Is The First To Give Birth To Twins

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
32-Yr-Old Covid Positive Woman From Sharjah Is The First To Give Birth To Twins

Most of us are still afraid about stepping outdoors, aren’t we? But life does not stop within four walls for to-be mothers, despite the scenario outside. Pregnant women are under stress and tension about birthing and with Covid being the talk of the world, the fear has only increased. However, one woman braved her fears and became the first to deliver perfectly healthy twin boys in Kerala, despite testing positive for Covid. Meanwhile, did you know- Dubai World Trade Centre Discharges Last Covid Patient.

Kerala Woman With Covid Gives Birth To Healthy Twins

A 32-year-old pregnant woman travelled from Sharjah to Kerala in June, for her first delivery. After eight years of marriage, she and her husband had gone for IVF to get pregnant. On arrival in Kerala, the woman had tested negative for Covid. However, on 24 July, a week before her delivery, she tested positive.

Fortunately, she had no trouble giving birth to her twin boys. She became the 50th coronavirus-positive woman to give birth at Pariyaram Medical College Hospital in Kannur. Beside, she is also the first in the state to deliver twins while having COVID-19

Both mother and babies are fine now and the last rapid antigen test revealed that the mother has also tested negative for Covid. In addition to carrying twins, the mother was diabetic and had hypertension. However, she did not develop fever or any respiratory issues after she tested positive for Covid. However, doctors had kept her isolated and also took all the necessary precautions while operating on her. The babies were born on 1 August, with a weight of 2.25 kg and 2.35 kg respectively. They were then kept under observation for 24 hours.

The first COVID-19 patient to give birth in the state was also admitted at Pariyaram. On another note, Dubai Now Issues Visit Visas To More Nationalities Including Indians.

Pregnant UAE Woman Returns Safely From USA Amidst Covid 19 Chaos

When the dreaded pandemic broke open in the UAE, thousands of residents were stranded outside of the country. But, six months pregnant Hannah O’ Reilly needed approval to head back to the UAE real fast. Hannah works as a supply teacher at a Dubai-based school and was stranded in the USA. Hannah landed in the USA on 12 March and all was well until UAE suspended flights on 18 March.

Stressed, and devastated, Hannah made several attempts to head back to the UAE, but nothing materialized. She was later informed that she could be sent back home under emergency basis. Following this, she got a call from the UAE Embassy on 25 March, and was asked to drive down to a hotel in Washington, where other UAE-bound travelers were being housed. Hannah was permitted to fly on an Etihad flight back to Abu Dhabi. Hannah finally landed in Abu Dhabi on 29 March.

Upon arrival, Hannah and all the other passengers underwent swab test before they were taken to an Abu Dhabi hotel to be quarantined for the next 14 days. All of her items, excluding her phone was taken to be disinfected. Hannah also met with the paramedics to check on her and her baby.

The brave woman now has her own Instagram page, where she shares stories of others who are stuck outside of their home countries. More power to you, Hannah! Check out her Instagram page here! 

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