Khalid Al Ameri Talks About The Hindu Temple & Indian Expats In UAE | Curly Tales

by Deeplata Garde
Khalid Al Ameri Talks About The Hindu Temple & Indian Expats In UAE | Curly Tales

How many Emirati Content creators are globally recognized? We believe we can count them on our fingers. And who’s most famous and has dedicated to winning our hearts by publishing engaging and culturally relevant content? We all know it’s Khalid Al Ameri from our favourite city, Dubai. On this beautiful afternoon to explore Dubai, our Editor-In-Chief, Kamiya Jani had the company of this great Youtuber, Khalid Al Ameri. Apart from taking us through souqs and relevant spots of this Emirate, Khalid made us well-versed with the Hindu Community in UAE.

Khalid Piqued Our Interest By Talking About the Hindu Community In Dubai

After strolling through the spice souq with Khalid, it was time to take the Abra ride to the other side of the Dubai creek. While Kamiya and Khalid were heading towards the spot, Khalid grabbed our attention by telling us about the presence of the Shiva Temple in Dubai. According to statistics said by the famous Youtuber, 25% population in the region are Hindus. He also informed us that the Shiva Temple has been standing on the other side of the creek since the 1950s and has been the heart of the Hindu Community in Dubai. Indian expats have covered the region beautifully and are the highest population in UAE.

Furthermore, the Hindu temple is surrounded by mosques which makes them ethnically diverse and magnificent to find in any city or country. Khalid feels that freedom to practise Hindu culture in an Islamic country is symbolic welcome and hospitality of Dubai for Indians and the Hindu Community overall. That’s what makes Khalid fall in love with Dubai more than any other city.

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Abra Ride To The Other Side!

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Khalid Al Ameri was equally excited to take us to the other side of the creek through the abra. Abra, a boat used to travel by people on a daily basis and Khalid finds a piece of history in it. He has been seeing people taking cars and Abra side to side which shows the classic blend of the traditional and modern use of commute in Dubai. We took the Abra ride which cost mere Dhs1 and it’s the most affordable mode of transportation in Dubai.

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