King’s Guard Horse Tries To Bite Woman After She Touches It While Posing For Pics In London

An Indian woman had a mishap as a guard's horse didn't seem too pleased.

by Sanjana Shenoy
King’s Guard Horse Tries To Bite Woman After She Touches It While Posing For Pics In London

Posing outside Buckingham Palace— home to the royal family and the reigning monarch King Charles— is on most travellers’ London wishlists. Apart from the majestic palace, what gains tourist attraction is the King’s Guard. The guards stationed outside the Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace in London pique tourists’ intrigue. Many like to stand beside the guards and capture memories. However, this time an Indian woman had a mishap as a guard’s horse didn’t seem too pleased.

King’s Guard Horse Not In Mood To Click Pics, Tries To Bite Woman

In order to make fond travel memories tourists to London often like to post with the guards outside Buckingham Palace. While there are some people who click photos without disturbing them, there are others who try to touch and converse with the stoic guards. Despite written warnings around the King’s Guard postings, warning people to maintain a distance, tourists often violate these rules.


Many place their hands over the guards or their horses while posing for pictures outside Buckingham Palace. Recently, a viral video circulating on X (formerly Twitter) shows an Indian woman standing next to a King’s guard who is sitting on a horse. This video was shared by Darren Grimes, broadcaster of GB News.

She placed her hand on the horse, who immediately returned his head and attempted to bite her. In the nick of time, she managed to escape. The woman also fell backwards and was helped by bystanders. She composed herself and left the scene.

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Netizens Say Tourists Must Follow Rules At Buckingham Palace

Ever since it was posted on May 21, it garnered over 1.1 million views. @CharlesHammill commented that no one is allowed to touch both the Royal King’s Guard and the horses. Another Netizen commented that the Royal Guard’s Horses do not like to be petted or touched. The X user added that the woman must be glad she wasn’t bitten. Some even quipped that they couldn’t understand why people wanted to touch the horse or get a photo with the Royal Guard in the first place. Many others laughed at the incident.

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Someone else replied that “wonderful” horses are naturally good at picking and choosing who they like. The person added that while the horse was gentle with a young, disabled person, the animal didn’t seem to like her. The King’s Guards are required to maintain their composure and their stoic nature while they are on duty. Moreover, they are prohibited from interacting with the public unless they need to give a stern warning. The King’s Guards are prohibited from smiling or wiping sweat off their faces.

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