Kochi’s GVQ Time Cafe Offers You The Freedom To Sip, Savour, And Stay As You Please!

by Mallika Khurana
Kochi’s GVQ Time Cafe Offers You The Freedom To Sip, Savour, And Stay As You Please!

Amid the cacophony of cafes that often fleece your wallet for the simple pleasure of occupying a table, there exists a culinary oasis, a place where you’re not just a customer but the master of your own time. Welcome to the enchanting realm of the ‘GVQ Time Cafe’. Nestled in the charming city of Kochi, this cafe doesn’t serve just coffee; it serves freedom and flexibility.

This place is not just a cafe; it’s a sanctuary for the non-conformists, the time-conscious, and the food enthusiasts. It’s a space that breathes life into the concept of ‘time is money’ and celebrates the beauty of having it your way. 

GVQ Time Cafe Rewrites The Rules Of Dining!


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Aathira Mohan, a wall mural artist and co-founder of Aom Studios in Bangalore, saw the need for change and introduced an innovative concept called the ‘GVQ Time Cafe.’ It’s a game-changer, offering an experience that empowers customers, breaks free from conventional cafe norms, and challenges the notion that you must order food to enjoy a cafe’s ambiance.

Inspired by the Russian concept of ‘anti-cafes,’ where customers pay for the time spent, not the food consumed, Aathira’s GVQ Time Cafe is a dream of sorts. The essence of this extraordinary concept is simple yet revolutionary. You pay for your time, not the food or beverages. For the first hour, you’ll be charged just ₹150, during which you get treated to a delectable butter crepe and have unlimited access to a variety of beverages and complimentary cookies.

And, as soon as that hour is up, you’ll be charged a mere 1 rupee for every minute you decide to stay. This concept creates an environment of ultimate flexibility. You’re not compelled to order food when you’re not hungry, and you can control how long you’d like to enjoy the cafe’s ambiance. 

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Unique Cafe Unlocks A Time-Based Dining Revolution


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And the perks don’t end there. The menu at GVQ Time Cafe boasts a delightful array of options, including pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches, and more, all reasonably priced to cater to a variety of tastes. What sets GVQ Time Cafe apart even further is its openness to customers’ desires. If you’re in the mood for something that isn’t on their menu, you have the freedom to bring your own meal from home or order from any other restaurant, and the cafe’s accommodating staff will be more than happy to serve it to you.

This innovative concept transcends the limitations of traditional cafes, offering a liberating experience for individuals who value their time and personal preferences. In a world where people are looking for adaptable spaces that accommodate their unique needs, Aathira’s cafe emerges as a shining example of how entrepreneurial creativity and a fresh perspective can reshape an industry. With plans to expand to major cities and even an app to seamlessly book tables across multiple locations, GVQ Time Cafe has the potential to revolutionise the cafe culture as we know it. 

It’s a concept that speaks to the changing needs and desires of the modern cafe-goer, offering a space where time is truly money and the experience is entirely your own.

Where: Kuzhikattu Kadavu Road, Near Paathirakozhi, North Kalamassery, Kochi
When: 11 am – 11 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: GVQ Cafe

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