Kolkata Gets Its 1st Goila Butter Chicken Outlet; Foodies Go Check Out The “Delishaas” Food 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kolkata Gets Its 1st Goila Butter Chicken Outlet; Foodies Go Check Out The “Delishaas” Food 

We all know how much fun Chef Saransh Goila brings to the process of cooking food. The recipes that he posts on his Instagram handle give the easiest hacks to make even the most difficult dishes. If you follow him closely or are a butter chicken fan, you might know his famous restaurant, Goila Butter Chicken. This famous restaurant has been welcomed by Kolkata with open arms recently, and you must go there to have some delicious food. 

Goila Butter Chicken Enters Kolkata

Chef Saransh Goila recently opened his restaurant Goila Butter Chicken in Kolkata and shared the news on his Instagram account. In the background, you can see the beautiful Howrah Bridge, which is the symbol of Kolkata. 

In the caption, he mentioned that he loves Kolkata’s spirit to cook, feed, and eat. He hopes that his outlet will become a part of the city, which is known for its love of food. The restaurant will be delivering delicacies from Behala, Chinar Park, and Salt Lake. One can also find the restaurant on Swiggy, Zomato, or its official website. 


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Here is The Story Behind This Restaurant

Talk about butter chicken, and I am sure Delhi pops into your mind. Chef Saransh Goila hails from Delhi, the capital of butter chicken, and so is the right person for the most authentic recipe. Though his family is vegetarian, the gravy was finalised only after they tasted it and approved of it. 

Saransh says that finding the authentic recipe was not the issue, but adding a twist to it was. We generally know butter chicken to be sweet, but Saransh thought of changing that. His recipe for butter chicken does not make butter chicken sweet at all. 

 Saransh rose to fame as “India’s Butter Chicken Guy” when the hashtag #goilabutterchicken went viral in 2018 after he demonstrated his talent on Masterchef Australia. He gives the credit for this viral trend to his friends, who supported him all the while. He says that he could not come up with any better name than this. (As per The Hindu)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @saranshgoila/Instagram