Kolkata’s Iconic Coffee House Revises Rates; Check If Your Fave Item Costs More

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata’s Iconic Coffee House Revises Rates; Check If Your Fave Item Costs More

Indian Coffe House is one of the biggest examples of the rich heritage of Kolkata. Welcoming guests with yummy food and an old-school charming experience for decades, this eatery holds a very special corner in the hearts of Kolkatans. Even this heritage coffee house is a must-visit place to visit for people from neighbouring towns while visiting Kolkata. This is a famous place for youngsters and college go-ers to give adda. 

Indian Coffee House Is One Of The Oldest Eateries In Kolkata

One of the many reasons why this heritage eatery is popular among young people is affordability. Indian Coffee House serves food at a reasonable price and this is surely a great advantage for college-goers to have a good time at a budget-friendly place. Any time you visit here, you will definitely find many students of colleges and universities in the College Street area. Well, the prices of the food menu here are not the same anymore. This eatery has recently revised the cost of the food items served here.

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This Is Why The Management Decided To Revise The Food Menu

We have been seeing a rise in the prices of almost everything that we use in our day-to-day lives. Food ingredients are also one of the many things whose prices increased because of inflation. And this led to the management of this eatery changing the prices.

In the past 2 years, this is the second time when the Indian Coffee House revised its prices. In this time of inflation, they also do not have any solution except for hiking the cost. It gets quite difficult to run such a well-renowned coffee house at such cheap rates in today’s inflated market. Though the regular visitors here are not much happy with the change, the eatery cannot run the business with the previous prices. According to a report by Times Now News, the management has increased the prices by only ₹5 to ₹10.

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Have you been to this iconic place yet?

Where: 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, College Street
When:  9 AM – 9 PM
Price: ₹300 for two people (approx.)

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons