Kombucha 35000 Ft In The Air? This Is The 1st Indian Airlines To Serve It As Part Of Meal Service

by Shreya Rathod
Kombucha 35000 Ft In The Air? This Is The 1st Indian Airlines To Serve It As Part Of Meal Service

A sweet, bubbly fermented drink called kombucha has high levels of probiotic bacteria. And may be beneficial for the gut, the brain, infection risk, and the liver, among other areas of health. Recently, Akasa Air has planned to introduce kombucha to the onboard menu!

Akasa Air To Become 1st Indian Airline To Introduce Kombucha

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By collaborating with Borécha, Akasa Air has become the first airline in India to sell Kombucha as part of its Café Akasa onboard dining service. Customers can purchase probiotic Mango Kombucha from Borécha throughout the airline’s network. All flights offer the item for sale, and customers may also pre-order it through the website and app.

For travellers seeking wholesome beverage options, Borécha’s Kombucha is a delectable, cooling, and gut-friendly substitute. In keeping with Akasa Air’s mission to provide a high-quality inflight eating experience that accommodates a variety of diet preferences and palates, this distinctive beverage has been added to Café Akasa’s extensive menu. Customers who are interested in eating well can combine the tasty drink with one of Café Akasa’s many salads or sandwiches for a satisfying and nourishing in-flight meal.

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Mindful Meal For The Customers

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Speaking on the collaboration, Belson Coutinho, co-founder and chief marketing and experience officer of Akasa Air, stated that they are always reviewing customer input to create an inflight experience that aligns with their increasing requirements and expectations. Customers nowadays are more mindful than ever before about the foods they consume. Thus, they are thrilled to collaborate with Borécha to provide Kombucha as a beverage option on board. This is the first time for an Indian airline to do so.

He further stated that Kombucha has become a very popular healthier alternative to sugary drinks. This is due to its distinctive flavour and probiotic qualities. They anticipate that tourists will like having the option to sip on the tasty and healthy beverage while taking in the welcoming Akasa Air atmosphere.

Ishan Varshnei, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Borecha, said that the company leads a hydration revolution by empowering individuals through better choices. The partnership between Borécha and Akasa Air will liberate travellers by providing scrumptious functional beverages onboard and revolutionising the way they hydrate, starting with the aviation sector where there are few healthy options.

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Customers can now expect a wide selection of over 60 meal options as part of Café Akasa’s updated menu. And it includes healthy, fusion, festive, and gourmet meals that cater to a variety of diets and palates.

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