Landlords Don’t Wanna Rent Out Flats To Bachelors? Well, It’s Because Of Such Bachelors!

by Shreya Ghosh
Landlords Don’t Wanna Rent Out Flats To Bachelors? Well, It’s Because Of Such Bachelors!

Moving out of our hometowns and shifting to a new city is always an overwhelming experience. New people, a new journey, and a new place make the first few days a bit scary and the biggest fear of all is finding a suitable flat that you can call your home. A very common answer that we hear while househunting is that landlords only prefer families to live in their flats. Well, we cannot always blame them for such decisions. A Twitter user shares an incident where a bachelor left his home in the most filthy way possible.

Ravi Handa Uploaded Some Pictures Of A Flat In Bangalore Rented By A Bachelor

Ravi Handa, the host of the Desi FIRE Podcast shared a series of pictures on his Twitter account @ravihanda. The photos are stomach-churning and we wonder how can someone live like this. In his tweet, he mentioned that an “educated” bachelor working in a “large MNC” stayed in this flat.

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Looking at the shared photos, it is quite understandable that the tenant did not take any care of the house. Each and every corner of the room is so dirty with dumps of empty alcohol bottles lying around. The pictures are of a disgusting kitchen where the shelves are covered with layers of dust and many packets are simply lying on the kitchen slab. In another photo, an old dirty mattress and loads of glass bottles are simply kept on the floor. The floor has not been swept or washed for a long time and the heaps of dust totally describe that.

Many Tenants Face Problems Because Of Such People

The landlord of this flat shared the experience on Reddit. He talked about how he found his flat covered with dirt and dust. The bachelor tenant called him saying that he wanted to leave the room and also wants his security deposit. When the landlord visited his flat, he was in absolute shock. The bachelor living there did not even care to clean any part of the room. There was too much filthiness all around and even birds entered the room and defecated inside.

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We often blame landlords for not providing rooms to bachelors but such careless tenants are a major reason why no landlord wants to take the risk of renting their flats to careless bachelors.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Ravi Handa @ravihanda