This Tamil Nadu Temple Is Popular With Bachelors & Spinsters Wishing To Marry Soon!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Tamil Nadu Temple Is Popular With Bachelors & Spinsters Wishing To Marry Soon!

No matter what everyone’s dream is to achieve and succeed in their individual lives, one thing which is very similar to most people is getting married. A wedding in anyone’s life is a special moment and every person thinks or dreams about the special day. In India, sometimes, bachelors even go to various extent to get married. India is the home to many temples that are very famous for spinsters and bachelor boys as they believe that the hurdles of marrying someone decreases if they visit these pilgrim places and seek blessings. One such Tamil Nadu temple is ‘Meenakshi Temple’. If this interests you, read to know more about this auspicious Tamil Nadu temple.

Lord Shiva & Goddess Meenakshi Wedded At This Tamil Nadu Temple

Meenakshi Temple is the holy place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Meenakshi and tied knots for a divine and celestial bond. Nestled in Madhurai, this is one of the most popular temples in India. This Tamil Nadu temple of Meenakshi Amma is also known as ‘Mathura of South. Meenakshi Amma emerged out of a ‘Yajna’ as a 3-year-old girl as the daughter of Pandyaraj and Kanchanamali. Later she married Lord Shiva and this is why this pilgrim place is one of many temples in India where spinsters come with a wish to marry the love of her life soon.

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Tamil Nadu temple

For decades and centuries, unmarried girls come to this temple with a wish in their hearts to marry. This belief and tradition is continuing since the earliest days.

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Meenakshi Temple Hosts Festivals Throughout The Year

This Tamil Nadu temple celebrates festivals throughout the year and attracts a lot of tourists as well. The biggest festival of the year takes place in April, which is the ‘Thirukalyanam Festival’. Millions of devotees visit the temple during this time of the year. To witness the best of this Tamil Nadu temple and Madhurai, take a trip here during the grand festival. Thirukalyanam Festival celebrates the celestial wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi and it continues for days after days. It is a great way to get to know about the history, stories, and culture of Tamil Nadu.