8 Largest Red-Light Areas Across India In Existence Since Gangubai’s Time!

by Sanmita A
8 Largest Red-Light Areas Across India In Existence Since Gangubai’s Time!

Sex workers, their struggles and their lives have always been a sensitive topic and a topic hardly discussed in normal society. And this year, on May 19, the Supreme Court made a major move by giving directions to allow sex work as a profession and give them the right and dignity they deserve. With this move, sex workers in these red-light areas in India will be relieved from a lot of struggles they commonly face in the profession.

Take a look at India’s largest red-light areas –

1. Sonagachi In Kolkata


One of India’s largest red-light areas, Sonagachi has more than 11,000 sex workers occupying the place. To understand more about the place and the lives of sex workers, watch the Oscar-winning documentary, Born Into Brothels. A truly moving film depicting the dreams of sex workers and their struggles.

2. Budhwar Peth In Pune

This is also another known red light area in Maharashtra and is home to more than 5,000 sex workers with over 700 brothels. The place also has a high number of electronic shops and is located in Old Pune.

3. GB Road In Delhi

Supreme Court’s decision came as a ray of hope for many sex workers who are denied their rights. This red light area in Delhi has over hundreds of brothels. The brothels are usually set on the first floors of shops and stores in the area.

4. Itwari In Nagpur

Red-light areas are often the areas which have high criminal activity and Itwari in Maharashtra’s Nagpur has the same issue.

5. Kamathipura In Mumbai


This is India’s second-largest red-light area after Sonagachi in Kolkata. It is said many people from the underground world visited this area too.

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6. Meerganj In Allahabad

As red-light areas are hubs of illegal activities, this area in Allahabad is the same. It is considered to be a dangerous place for visitors.

7. Chaturbhujsthan In Muzaffarpur


This is said to be an old temple area. It is said to have existed right from the Mughal period and is home to more than 3,500 sex workers.

8. Shivdaspur In Varanasi

Another red light area in Uttar Pradesh, the sex workers here, run the brothels from their own homes.

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