Would You Like To Try 132 Varieties Of Paan At Hello Paanwala Koramangala

by Jeelani Shareif
Would You Like To Try 132 Varieties Of Paan At Hello Paanwala Koramangala

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Hello Paanwala at Koramangala makes 132 varieties of paans, that’s giving us paantastic feels.

What Is It?

It’s India’s favourite post meal refreshment, and Bengaluru has taken it a notch up. If you like some jazz and scintillation in your paan then head to Hello Paanwala opposite Empire Restaurant in Koramangala. You will get this green, rolled number with interesting, creative fillings that vary from meetha to fire. yes he has set the bar high for this India’s addiction. And we are converting to paan addicts at just ₹30.

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Whats In It?

This place serves different varieties,and some of the most popular ones are Chocolate coated paans, Iced paans, Jelly stuffed paans, Khajur paans, liquid chocolate paans. Each paan has it’s own style and versions of chutneys that vary as per the demand. The taste’s are quiet punchy, and make them very enjoyable.

Hello Paanwala
Meetha Paan at Hello Paanwala

What Else?

Apart from the amazing, mind boggling varieties that Hello Paanwala serves, its has the most enthusiastic owner Raj Bahadur Singh who’s friendly nature and interesting antics keep his customer’s engaged. He usually identifies and suggest’s the flavours that the patron might like. If you are up for adventure then he will feed you the famous Fire paan or Fire Ball. Which as it’s name suggest is a paan on fire and fed by him.

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Hello Paanwala
Fire Ball at Hello Paanwala


Address: Hello Paanwala, opposite Empire Restaurant, 5th Block  Koramangala,  Bengaluru
Phone:  +91 9632147562
Approx Cost: ₹ 70 for 2 people

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