Listen Up Delhi! Oktoberfest Is Here, Prepare Your Beer Bellies And Chug

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 602

What is Oktoberfest you ask? Beer, breeze and best buds. It came from Munich, Germany, Bavaria, but when the world likes something, everyone chips in. Isn’t that the whole point of having communities anyway? Just pick the best traits from everyone and have a ball. The weather is perfect for a boozey night out at Oktoberfest. Get great beer and amazing deals on your favourite ones. Oktoberfest is all about the foam and we’re not guilty at all. Don’t miss out on the community beer pong! Here’s where you’ll have the best beer blast in Delhi.

1. Plum by Bent Chair

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Remember Harry Potter’s butter beer? Want some? We know where you can find it. It’s a little stronger than advisable for kids though. Handcrafted beer is being chugged. Get there before it’s all gone. They’re serving a special concoction named butter beer with vodka and bourbon.

Where is it: Aerocity

2. Gravity Spacebar


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Oktoberfest gives you great deals. Get 2+1 on beer mug and 2 beer pitchers for just ₹800. They’re famous for their warm and fun ambience. Their food is great, and the presentation is even better. This place will surely get you excited about Oktoberfest.

Where is it: Gurgaon

3. The Beer Café


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Who else would celebrate the beer festival right?  They’re serving 2+1 beer the entire month for all the beer lovers in the house [read: city]. Oktoberfest is out, and no one can take it away. It’s time to spread our wings. The entire month is satyuga for us, others can define their best time as they like.

Where is it: Multiple Locations

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4. Molecule Air Bar

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Beer is no longer basic. This place is celebrating Oktoberfest with the most shocking beer flavours and we have got to try them now! Strawberry, gol gappa, god knows what else beer can taste like. They haven’t left anything to the imagination. If you’ve always wondered what fruit beer would be like if it had alcohol, then this is your chance to find out.

Where is it: Gurgaon

5. Café Delhi Heights

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Oktoberfest ushered domestic beer of 3 pints with one thing from the foo menu for ₹800 and more such offers. But that’s not the highlight. Beer mergers, beer games and beer dishes from their special Delhi Highways and Railways Menu are all part of the beer cheer!

Where is it: Multiple locations

6. Lord of the Drinks


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Do you pride yourself as the group’s tank who never gets enough? Get in the chugging competition here and win 20% off on your beer bills. Did we mention the beer for competing is on the house?

Where is it: Multiple locations

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7. Dragonfly Experience

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The décor is one of a kind here. They’re celebrating Oktoberfest with enticing cocktails because why discriminate. All alcohols are friends and once we drink them, we will be too. They’re going grand with food and drinks inspired by different parts of the world.

Where is it: Aerocity

8. The Societe


Picture Credit: The Societe / Facebook















The Oktoberfest deal will keep you ordering 1+1 on Budweiser and Hoegaarden, 3+1 on Bira Blonde over and over. We would too! This place has multiple cuisines and the flavours are authentic. Go ahead for an exotic experience.

Where is it: Gurgaon

9. Warehouse Café


Picture Credit: Elevate (for rep)

Oktoberfest deals starting from ₹1000 for 6 beer buckets going up to ₹1099 for unlimited beer are here for the beer cheer! Don’t miss out on the 1+1 either. They often have live music and sports screenings to keep the crowd involved. You are guaranteed to have a good time with or without beer. Well, beer helps.

Where is it: Connaught Place

10. Unplugged Courtyard


Picture Credit: Unplugged Courtyard















Beer based cocktails, German food and the biggest Oktoberfest, already getting ready to leave right? Unfortunately, their October ended rather quickly but do keep this beer brewery in mind for next time. Their huge space and fun decor is one of a kind.

Where is it: Gurgaon

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Oktoberfest is the perfect season for revelry, booze and friends. The 9 to 5 days are over as the festive season has officially commenced. Dussehra was just the beginning. We’re going to tell you about so many events, you won’t be able to resist. Stay tuned and drink up!

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