Lithuania’s Capital To Be Turned Into A Vast Open Air Cafe, Courtesy Social Distancing

by Gizel Menezes
Lithuania’s Capital To Be Turned Into A Vast Open Air Cafe, Courtesy Social Distancing

As part of its concerted efforts to keep local businesses alive and thriving amid the coronavirus pandemic, Lithuania, a Baltic country in northeastern Europe, will soon transform its capital city into a vast open-air cafe. How cool is that!

Image Courtesy: Culture Trip

Lithuania Turns Its Capital Into Open Air Cafe

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, will now offer its public spaces to bars, restaurant and cafe owners hard hit by the pandemic, turning the city into a big open-air cafe.

As per new measures, cafes and restaurants in the city will be allowed to put outdoor tables free of charge, and conduct their business during the quarantine, maintaining social distancing norms.

As of now, 18 of the city’s public spaces have been opened up for the outdoor cafes and restaurants. More such spaces are expected to be added as summer progresses. And as per media reports, the iconic Cathedral Square will also house food and beverage establishments temporarily.

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Image Courtesy: Global News

Strict Measures Have Been Issued By Lithuania’s Health Ministry For This Purpose

 The Health Ministry, however, has issued strict guidelines and safety measures for this purpose. Shops need to limit the number of customers at a time, and place tables at least 2 m apart from each other. Wearing masks remains mandatory in all public spaces.

The initiative has been welcomed with open arms by the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, who added that the measure came just in time. The effort will not only keep businesses up and running but will also help to retain jobs and ensure income.

With this new measure in place, it is expected that the number of visitors will increase, bringing life back to the streets without violating security requirements.

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