Live In The 80-Year-Old Zomsa Mudhouse In Remote Lahaul Valley And Soak In Local Culture

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal398

In the remote expanses of the mesmerising Keylong valley in Himachal’s Lahaul and Spiti, rests an 80-year-old quaint mudhouse. Perched at a height of around 10,000 feet above sea level, this heritage home named Zomsa will give you a glimpse into the history and culture of the mountain valley. The cosy chambers at Zomsa are decked with locally sourced materials and they keep guests comfortable in the stone-cold weather. The mudhouse has been renovated into a homestay by an NGO named LAHOL ( Life and Heritage of Lahaul) which aims to preserve the heritage of the valley. Read on to know more.


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Eco-Friendly Chambers Offer Natural Insulation From Harsh Climates Outside

The 80-year-old Zomsa mudhouse is located in the Upper Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh. During summers, the mudhouse opens up to lush green valleys. During winters, its surroundings turn into a white wonderland. These traditional mudhouses, built with rammed earth and adobe brick techniques, are eco-friendly too. They offer natural insulation from the harsh climates outside.

Researches have revealed that these earth houses have other health benefits too and they are ideal for people with knee pain. But with commercialisation, mud structures are gradually disappearing in the high valleys. Zomsa is one of the efforts of LAHOL to maintain the age-old treasures.

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Relish Local Lahauli Food At Zomsa Cafe

Zomsa doesn’t just offer stays, but it houses a cultural museum too. What’s more, various workshops on local traditions are organised here in which guests can participate. The property also houses a cafe, the Zomsa Cafe, that offers traditionally prepared local Lahauli cuisine. The vegetables used for cooking, like peas, potatoes and more, are cooked in the Lahaul organic farms, and they are rich in taste and nutrients.

Zomsa mudhouse is around 40 kilometres from Manali. The Atal Tunnel has facilitated the movement of vehicles all around the year from Manali to Keylong. To book your stay at Zomsa, visit its Instagram handle right away.

Address | Old Bus Stand, Keylong, Lahaul & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

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