Hobbit Movie Set Tour, New Zealand: An Amazing Experience!


“I am in fact, a hobbit in all but size,” is my precise sentiment as I walk in the village of Hobbiton in New Zealand. For those of us who’ve grown up reading stories of Tolkein’s Middle Earth, this is truly a dream come true. In fact, anyone who’s in love with the LOTR movies might just scream with delight as you witness those peculiarly stunning Hobbit holes here. But before I get carried away, I am going to introduce you to the Hobbiton village as is rightly required.

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When Peter Jackson, the director of the LOTR and Hobbit series decided to bring Tolkein’s world to life, the primary quest involved scouting for locations to do justice to the stories. Upon an aerial search, they discovered a 1250-acres farm with rolling pastures and tons of sheep by the name of Alexander Farm in New Zealand. This place bore striking resemblance to The Shire and the team instantly zeroed it down to build the Hobbiton movie set. Situated in the heart of the Waikoto region in New Zealand, the village of Hobbiton not only houses Bilbo Baggin’s famous cabin, but other 44 hobbit homes.

It took me a while to get used to my picturesque surroundings and I’d say, a picture with Bilbo’s green front door has become of the most cherished memories of my time here. We even went in to check up on some real Hobbits, but alas, we couldn’t see them. However, the Hobbiton Village is pretty real and they even have professional guides to help you not miss out on the details or on the not-to-miss famous locations.

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Remember the iconic tree where Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday? Yes, it’s here too! How can one forget the grand party and the even grander fireworks that Gandalf is loved for? All of the 44 hobbit holes have been created with the same precise details as shown in the movies. Take a moment to sit it out at one of these cute little houses in The Shire and live out your dream LOTR moment.

The real fun though lies in the set up that makes you feel like the village is still busting with little Hobbits going about their day to day activities. There’s smoke that’s bellowing from the chimney and there are lines of clothes hung up that make you wonder which hobbit is scurrying behind those closed doors. Do you remember the Green Dragon Inn where Frodo, Sam and the others would likely meet in the evenings? You can visit the same since they’ve built it as a part of the setup.

Another feature of the Inn is that you can sit down to enjoy a traditional Hobbit meal. They serve you the very same delicacies, Hobbit style! If you’re a true LOTR fan, you simply have to come down here to experience real life magic. We now know why Peter Jackson fell in love with Alexander farm and how he’s created a bit of movie magic in here, thanks to the gorgeous beauty of New Zealand.

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