Lo & Behold! After Chocolate Ramen, The Same Malaysian Restaurant Is Bringing Croissant Ramen To You!

Croissant Ramen
by Tooba Shaikh

We’ve written a lot about weird food combinations but this one definitely takes the cake, rather, we should say croissant. Fusion cuisine is more or less a gamble. When done right, it can create a brilliant confluence of flavours that becomes a marriage of not just flavours, but also of cultures. However, when done wrong, it can create a culinary Frankenstein’s monster. Call this restaurant in Malaysia Mary Shelley wearing a chef’s hat because it managed to accomplish the latter when it created Croissant Ramen.

Croissant Ramen: The Monstrosity You Didn’t Need But Now Have


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Yes, you read that right folks. A restaurant in Malaysia is serving Japanese ramen along with the French bread croissant. This is not how we would have done fusion cuisine but, to each their own. Michelin Star’s mascot is quaking with fear at this creation. The restaurant that did this is called Menya Shishido and it is located at the Gasket alley in the Selangor region of Malaysia.

This particular restaurant is aimed at providing authentic Japanese cuisine to folks in Malaysia. However, for whatever reason, they decided to go a different route this time and pair the lovely flaky French treat with the delicious Japanese ramen, ruining them both in the process.

However, it seems that the restaurant might know its audience better since not everyone in the comment section is repulsed by it. There are some who are actually looking forward to trying it.

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Past Crimes: Chocolate Ramen


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If you thought that Croissant Ramen was the worst thing that this restaurant, or anybody for that matter, could come up with, think again. It gets worse. As it turns out, this restaurant also used to serve a limited-edition chocolate ramen bowl. This wasn’t some fancy dessert. This was just your regular old ramen topped with a bar of chocolate. Has anyone called the police yet? We definitely are glad that this wasn’t a permanent menu item and was only available for a limited period of time.

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Would you like to try (and burn) the Croissant Ramen or the Chocolate Ramen? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @Shozo Kamizato/Instagram