London City Airport Is All Set To Become First One To Scrap 100-ml Liquid Rule

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
London City Airport Is All Set To Become First One To Scrap 100-ml Liquid Rule

London City Airport will become the first airport in the United Kingdom to scrap the 100-ml liquid rule. This news comes just before millions of them jet off for Easter. The scrapping of this rule means that travellers will no longer have to remove items from their bags and put them in plastic bags for security checks. The currently used security scanner produces only 2D images. 

London City Airport Scraps 100-ml Liquid Rule

The new CT machines that will be installed at the London City Airport, will use X-ray technology. This will take high-resolution 3D images of your luggage, which the scanner will be able to view from every angle. With this, they will get a more detailed view of the contents of the luggage. Now travellers can travel to their favourite destination hassle-free because of the scrapping of this rule. 

They will no longer have to remove drinks, creams, and makeup into a plastic bag for scanning purposes, The passengers will no longer have to remove their laptops for separate scanning, and the new limit for hand baggage has been changed to 2 litres. The airport will introduce this new development at the end of this month. 

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Similar Technology Is Used In US

If things go well and the new development begins by the end of this month, the timing will be perfect as many children will have their school vacation from April 3. This will also be in time for the Easter weekend, which starts on April 7 and ends on April 10. The biggest delay that happens while travelling is at security, as passengers fail to remove their belongings or if they travel with large bottles of liquids and creams. 

London City Airport is located three miles east of Canary Wharf, which is in the Royal Docks. A survey also showed that London City Airport already has the fastest queuing time in the UK for security reasons. This is because the passengers waited only 12 minutes on average. Similar technology is used at airports like Amsterdam’s Schiphol and in the United States. The CEO of London City Airport said that they will be the first mainstream UK airport to offer a fully CT security experience to all holidaymakers or those on business trips. 

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