Looking For Affordable Stays In Lakshadweep’s Capital, Kavaratti? Here Are 4 Hotels You Should Check Out

Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep and has some really affordable stay options.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Looking For Affordable Stays In Lakshadweep’s Capital, Kavaratti? Here Are 4 Hotels You Should Check Out

Planning a trip to Lakshadweep and you choose to stay at Kavaratti, then worry not, we have got affordable places for you. Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep where you can enjoy the serene beauties of Lakshadweep, the sea, sand, marine life, and of course the food. The vibrant coral reefs call out to you. So go snorkeling, scuba diving or swim with the turtles. And if you are a fan of The Office and end up not finding turtles under the water, you gotta cue Michael Scott’s “Where are the turtles!?!” at your instructor. We hope you will find them, Michael does too.

4 Affordable Hotels You Should Check Out In Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti

1. Kavaratti Island Beach Resort

A special resort that is right off the shore of the mesmerising blue waters of Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti. It is situated on the north-west side and it is a great option to go for as Kavaratti Island Beach Resort is under the government tourism board, Lakshadweep Tours and Travels. Thus, it becomes one of the safest options. You are surrounded by the sandy beaches and lush greens of Kavaratti. You can also do scuba diving and snorkeling here and the resort provides the same
Where: Paradise Hut Road
Cost: Starting at ₹14,910 for a 2-day package with everything included

2. Bismillah Hotel And Lodging

It is a simple-looking place to stay for a handful of days and you will not regret it. Because, well you can just get out of your room and simply walk to the gorgeous white beaches and crystal clear waters of Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti! Not everything might be top class as it is a lodging but the food you get here is home-ly and the taste will linger on your tastebuds with such pocket-friendly prices.
Where: Near the Western jetty of Kavaratti
Cost: On demand

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3. UT Guest House

Another government stay option for you which is affordable and nice to stay during your trip to Lakshadweep. The new guest house here has ACs, a refrigerator and a TV for a very economical rate. The best part about this? Well, you can again walk to the beach and enjoy a great sunset while the area is filled with people enjoying water sports. It is said to have decent vegetarian food options.

Where: Near Lakshadweep Administraror’s Office, Kavaratti
Cost: On demand

4. Cyber Guest House

Here also you have the option to go for AC and non-AC rooms, it depends on the weather you are visiting, so choose accordingly. This one comes under the budget when you are planning to be out and about the archipelago or just Kavaratti in general. Book your room, dump your stuff, freshen up, and head to explore the unexplored spots of Lakshadweep. It is kind of right in the middle of Bismillah Hotel And Lodging and Kavaratti Island Beach Resort, so you can check all and see what suits your budget and taste.
Where: Mahatma Gandhi Road
Cost: ₹400/day

Do Not Miss Out On Kavaratti’s Marine Aquarium And Museum

On this capital island, you have this museum where you can get to all things about marine life. This one showcases the beauty of the marine life of Lakshadweep. Starting from huge bones of marine animals to stuffed lobsters or sharks to pearls and the making of them are on display.
It is a great place for kids and you can easily spend hours here; they will be educated on different kinds of fish.

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Even if you have just a day or two in Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti then you have the best of your time and gorge on some good seafood.

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