Lost Your Passport Certificate In Dubai? Now You Can Get It Within 24 Hours Using Blockchain Technology

Passport Certificate In Dubai
by Ishita Agarwal
by Ishita Agarwal 231

Dubai Police notified on social media that you could obtain your missing passport certificate in Dubai within 24 hours by using blockchain technology. Sounds impressive, right? Blockchain technology in the UAE is aiming to make people’s lives easier. Read on to know how you can submit your request to obtain a passport certificate in Dubai within 24 hours. 

How To Submit Request For Passport Certificate In Dubai Once It’s Lost? 

You can obtain the certificate by submitting a request to Dubai Police’s Smart Police Station, the Dubai Police App or the official Dubai Police website. Aside from that, Dubai Police said that it would present its second NFT collection at GITEX 2022.

The Dubai Police Department is preparing to debut the second edition of its NFT collection at GITEX 2022. The first edition of NFT comprised 150 free digital assets centred on the police force’s innovation, security, and communication ideals. 


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Dubai Police Is The First Government Entity To Create Digital Assets

The Dubai Police is the first police organisation in the world and the first government agency in the United Arab Emirates to produce digital assets. The statement by Dubai Police attracted a lot of local and international interest. Saudi Arabia, India, the US and Nigeria are the countries that followed the news the most.

Al Razooqi reports that 589,173 individuals saw the announcement in its entirety on social media. In addition, participants sent almost 7,000 direct messages over social media for the initial round. 


So, what do you think of this new development by the Dubai Police?

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