Love Maggi? This Cafe In Al Karama Is Serving 21 Types & That Too In A Glass!

by Deeplata Garde
Love Maggi? This Cafe In Al Karama Is Serving 21 Types & That Too In A Glass!

Many little things give us serious nostalgia. One such food that draws our childhood back is Maggi. Yes, we lost the habit of saying noodles, we call it Maggi now. So if you are done eating the usual style we can recommend a place that will serve you, Maggi, in 21 styles. Shocked? We were as well!

21 Styles Of Maggi Starting At Just AED 32

Relishing Maggi the usual style became a routine unless we discovered this new spot in Al Karama. Known by the name of Bhukkad Cafe, this place gives you the ultimate vibe of an Indian street food spot or as called locally, Adda.

Parth Kapur & Reshmi Mukherjee launched this cafe in Dubai in early 2018. And since then, Bhukkad Cafe has been spreading its branches throughout the Emirate and globally.

Coming back to the Maggi, this spot is serving flavours like Alfredo, pav bhaji and more. You can order from Chatpati maggie, Thai curry maggie and many more flavours to entice you. A perfect winter dish, oh sorry we mean glass. So come to dig in and relish some memories this winter at Bhukkad Cafe.

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What Else Can You Have Here Apart From Maggie?


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The street food cafe is offering Indian delicacies which expats definitely miss back home. Have piping hot cutting chai and vada pav. If you aren’t a chai person then give their masala hot chocolate a try which comes with marshmallows floating on it.  Basically, Bhukkad cafe is the answer to all your Indian street food cravings this winter season. They have multiple outlets in Dubai apart from Karama. You can find them in Deira and Silicon Central Mall.

What is making you stop yourself from indulging in this array of delicacies, especially Maggi?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/BhukkadCafe