Lufthansa Pilot Draws A Phallus-Shaped Doodle In The Sky After His Plane Was Forced To Divert

by Shreya Shriyan
Lufthansa Pilot Draws A Phallus-Shaped Doodle In The Sky After His Plane Was Forced To Divert

In a daring display of creativity and frustration, a Lufthansa pilot decided to leave an unconventional mark in the sky. The pilot took matters into their own hands, or rather, into the aircraft’s controls, drawing a “graphic” masterpiece. The art caught the attention of both passengers and aviation enthusiasts alike. So, what was the art you ask? Well, read on and find out. 

Lufthansa Pilot Draws A Phallus-Shaped Doodle Out Of Frustration

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Image Credits: Flight Radar’s Website

The Lufthansa pilot was allegedly upset over the forced diversion of the flight from Catania. The pilot flew the commercial plane in a penis-shaped pattern before landing in Malta, reported New York Post. 

On Friday, Flight 306 departed from Frankfurt, Germany, with its destination set for the Sicilian city. However, in mid-flight, the plane received a warning that it could not land at the Fontanarossa airport. The airport had reduced operations due to a terminal fire in July, as reported by La Repubblica, said the New York Post in their report.

The Lufthansa pilot, whose identity remains unknown, allegedly became irritated when instructed to stall the plane. They were later informed that the flight would need to change course and land on the island of Malta.

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Before leaving Catania’s airspace, observers noticed the plane heading eastward towards the Sicilian coast. It flew in such a way that the flight path resembled the shape of male genitalia. This was as recorded by the air traffic website, Flight Radar. The pattern took about 16 minutes to complete, reported the New York Post. 

Intentional Masterpiece Or Coincidental Art Work?

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Image Credits: Flight Radar’s Website

According to Lufthansa officials speaking to La Repubblica, the phallic pattern was, believe it or not, a mere coincidence, stated the report. They explained that the pilot had to circle over Catania before receiving instructions to divert the flight. 

So, it seems like sky art wasn’t the pilot’s intent, just an unintended “doodle.” SAC, the operator of Fontanarossa airport in Catania, blamed a sudden change in wind patterns for the unexpected diversion.

As the sky-high drama unfolds, the Lufthansa flight’s artistic detour leaves us with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow. Whether it was an impromptu masterpiece or a coincidental “doodle”, we’ll never know. 

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Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for sure: this flight will forever be remembered as a soaring tribute to artistic expression at its “peak.”

Cover Image Courtesy: Flight Radar’s Website