Madhya Pradesh Is Planning On Legalizing Weed And Here’s What You Need To Know

Madhya Pradesh Legalises Weed
by Pratiksha 3338

Madhya Pradesh has an occasion to celebrate for the state is legalising the usage of marijuana. But, don’t get happy too quickly for this is purely for medicinal and industrial purposes. After Uttarakhand legalised the cultivation of cannabis in the state, Madhya Pradesh is going to be the second state to legalise it. Even as the Central Government is contemplating over legalising the cultivation of the herb, more and more states are becoming used to the idea of it.


Madhya Pradesh To Legalise Marijuana

Even as the state gears up to make weed commonplace, MP’s Law Minister, PC Sharma made it clear that the cultivated marijuana will purely be used for medical and industrial purposes. He went on to say that the government of the state is planning on farming hemp which will help in the treatment of cancer and other terminal diseases.

Hemp can’t be consumed and is being produced to aid in creating medication. Sharma said that the hemp won’t be available for trading purposes and that setting up the farms will require international help. The farms will help in creating employment opportunities and help businesses in thriving.

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Madhya Pradesh Legalises Weed

Image credits: Your Herbarium

It was the year 2017 when Uttarakhand became the first state to legalise the production of marijuana. It is only utilised for industrial purposes and farmers growing it are required to get a license by the excise department. Hemp is popularly used to make fibres and can be used to produce clothing. Himachal Pradesh has also been contemplating about legalizing it.

The other thing that the government has made very well-known is that farmers will only be allowed to sell the hemp to the government and not to private buyers. For the longest time, the Indian government has looked at weed as a drug and discouraged its usage. But this could bring about a whole new revolution in the country and make the government tolerant of the idea of marijuana.

As of now, there are very few countries that allow the usage of cannabis. The Netherlands, Canada and Jamaica are some of the few countries that currently allow people to smoke or cultivate cannabis. The US opened its very first cannabis cafe in Los Angeles fairly recently. All we have to say is, MP ajab hai, sabse gajab hai.