Madras High Court Encourages Inter Caste Marriage To Rule Out Caste System

by Mrunal Mahajan
Madras High Court Encourages Inter Caste Marriage To Rule Out Caste System

In a hearing for an inter-caste marriage, Madras High court judge endorsed inter-caste marriages as they are important to chalk out caste system from our society. A married couple belonging to different castes approached the court as they faced threats from the girl’s family. The threats continued even after the couple complained to the police and had started living with the boy’s family.

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Justice A Anand Venkatesh ordered police protection for them and said that the young generation is slowly moving out of the ill-effects of the caste system and that is the reason for a lot of inter-caste marriages that are happening in the society. He also said that since neither of them is minor, they are entitled to taking their own decision and nobody can stop them from doing so. The girl’s parents cannot threaten them as they are legally married.

Image Credits: Youth Ki Awaaz

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The couple had no support from the police even after they filed a report. If the system fails to protect us, how do you ensure there is justice in the society. We are well aware that people who want to marry outside their community are always looked down upon, they are outcasted and in some cases, they are also killed! Honour killing cases have been existing in our society.

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The films that we watch, the daily soaps that are being fed to us are just re-instilling stereotypes. They are teaching us to discriminate and are promoting more and more violence. These things exist in our society and we need to curb them instead of promoting. More such decisions from the court will help change the perspective of people. There are provisions to protect inter-caste marriages, there is a system in place, we just to make people more aware.